Mysteries of the ancients - Fuller Station


The image below shows the garage area of Fuller Station. The text has the following description: "The vehicle garage is separated from the rest of the installation by thick walls of Loscom, [...] They are pierced by heavy airlocked doors [...]."

From my point of view either the description or the map are wrong. From my understanding the parts that I have highlighted with the red lines are the Loscom walls.
The airlocks only pierce the inner walls and end in front of the additional Loscom walls. So, there is no was to enter or leave the garage except for the gates that lead to the outside.

Also, why is there no legend with distances on any map within in the book?

I would go with the description. I think that the portrayal of the airlock doors is slightly off - they should straddle the walls. Checking the Fantasy Grounds version, you can see that's how the line of sight has been painted.

Fuller LOS.JPG