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Conan Campaign

Dave – Lamach (Shemite Nomad1)
Mike – Damir (Zamorian Thief1)
Tim – Otho (Aquilonian Soldier1)
Fooch – Ulf (Aesir Barbarian1)

Session 1: “Into the Jaws of Wolves”

The PCs meet in a small town in northern Nemedia. Over many drinks they become fast friends, pledging to become princes among men, amass vast treasures, etc.
In the heights of their drunkenness, something goes wrong. Maybe an important local was insulted, or a married woman was handled in an inappropriate manner; either way, they must leave town with the watch and angry locals pursuing them.
They find themselves days later camped out on a hilltop several miles from town, overlooking a road. Lamach hears noises off in the distance. He mounts his horse and goes to investigate. On the road he sees a group of soldiers attempting to fix the wheel of their wagon. Lamach returns to camp and informs his compatriots of what he saw. These soldiers where the same uniforms as those of the town they were chased off from, so they decide to attack.
Damir sneaks up on the soldiers, as the rest wait not too far away. He begins the attack by leaping from the tree line and backstabbing one of the guards, nearly killing him. Otho and Ulf move in as Lamach pins down another guard with a withering volley of bow fire. They finish off the 4 guards, but in the process, Ulf is wounded badly. They rummage through the wagon and take what food and supplies they can, then march for an hour and make camp.
After spending a day tending to Ulf’s wounds, they decide it would be best to cross the border into Brythunia.

XP: 150 each


After spending some time in northern Brythunia, they find themselves low on coin. They take up as guards on a merchant’s caravan and have just recently arrived in a village when a shout goes out: “Raiders!”
About 2 dozen mounted Hyperborean raiders ride down from the Graaskal Mountains and proceed to attack the village, lighting cottages on fire as they pass through. The PCs organize some of the villagers in the center of the village and form them into a ragged line. Once the raiders reach the center of the village, the counterattack is unleashed!
Lamach charges down the flank and lances one of the raiders, wounding him badly. Damir and a few villagers let off volleys of arrows as Otho and Ulf lead others into the fray. Lamach doubles back quickly and finishes off his raider, looking for his next victim. Damir eventually drops his bow and approaches a raider from behind, stabbing him in the back as 2 villagers draw his attention. Though Otho and Ulf are able to take down a two raiders with the help of the villagers, the leader of these raiders, Ghazak, eludes them. Ghazak swears vengeance under his breath and calls a retreat. Our heroes successfully drive off the raiders; upon looting the fallen raiders, they each gain a hyborian warhorse and various weapons. The villagers are thankful for their help, and the heroes spend some time carousing before moving on.

XP: 350 each

Session 2: “The Tomb of Borwynn”

Day 1 – The PCs arrive at a small town in northern Brythunia, located on a trade route. They are guarding a merchant’s caravan and have a layover of a few days whilst the merchant buys and sells. While at a local inn, Lamach talks to Caldara, a barmaid, who is worried about her cousin, Duvay. Lamach agrees to look for Duvay, whom Caldara hasn’t seen or heard of for a few days. She is worried that he may have fallen in with the local bandits. Later that night, Caladara meets Lamach and uses her womanly wiles to further convince him.
Day 2 – The PCs spend a good part of the day scouting the area around the town, looking for traces of the bandits and getting the lay of the land. They visit a tavern in town where Duvay frequented, but learn nothing.
Day 3 – Damir meets with the local Lord, Sir Ladjos, and agrees to rid the area of the bandit menace. Damir and Otho approach the merchant they are working for with a plan. They wish to borrow a wagon or two to set up an ambush to catch the bandits, but the merchant refuses their request, as it may risk his livelihood. Lamach and Ulf scout the area some more and meet up with Melkor the Mad, a crazy hermit. After teasing them with some morose riddles, Melkor leads Lamach and Ulf to the bandit’s camp, which is now abandoned. Melkor refuses to approach the camp, as the bandits were prone chase him away with bow fire. They briefly search the camp and find a chest. After breaking it open and lining their pockets with silver, they return to town to inform their fellow adventurers and then lead them back to the camp. They begin tracking the bandits from their camp, but after an hour, they themselves must camp as night falls.
Day 4 – After breaking camp, the PCs follow the Bandit’s tracks for another hour till it leads them to the entrance of a cave, outside of which is the corpse of Duvay. Lamach removes a locket from Duvay’s corpse as proof for Caldara. They enter the cave and realize that they are in some kind of underground complex. They decide to head back to the bandit camp in search of a light source.

XP: 200 each

Session 3:

Upon reaching the bandit camp, they search and find 3 torches, a candle lantern, and seven candles; our intrepid adventurers are now prepared to explore the darkness below. They return to the entrance a few hours later and make their way inside. In the first chamber, they notice skeletal remains along a wall amongst some rubble. Upon investigating the remains, they are attacked by some strange plant, which they quickly dispatch. Damir searches the kit bag on the remains and finds 16 silver pieces inside.
They press on further, reaching a large pillared chamber with many hallways leading from it. This place is ripe with the smell of death. They descend a set of stairs, and as they reach the foot, Otho is attacked from behind by a giant spider, which made its lair on the ceiling of the chamber. Otho receives minor wounds from the creature’s bite, but suffers badly from its poison. Damir is next attacked by the beast; its bite nearly drops him but he resists its poison like a true son of Bel. Damir then tumbles away from the beast and collapses to the ground, unconscious. The rest of them finish off the beast with a few well placed arrows. The PCs decide to return to the bandit’s camp to tend their wounds for a day or so.
Day 5 – The PCs return to the ruins and make their way past the corpse of the giant spider. Of the 5 passages before them, they choose the one at the foot of the stairway. As they make their way down the corridor, an archway appears before them on their left.
The PCs enter the room and begin to investigate; the walls of the room are lined with large ceramic pots in various states of disrepair and ruin. Ulf decides to smash one of the pots out of boredom; dust spreads into the air as the fragile pottery shatters beneath his battleaxe. Otho and Damir begin methodically searching the rest of the pots, when a rat the size of a dog attacks them! Though the rat is very dexterous, it cannot avoid death at the hands of our heroes. Unbeknownst to Damir, although the bite he received from the beast seems minor, he has contracted Filth Fever.
Damir notices the outline of a door on the southern wall of the room; upon further inspection, he finds it is a secret door. He checks for traps but finds none. Ulf opens the door and proceeds in with the rest in tow; They find a dusty room lined with shelves containing a few mundane items: an old wooden bucket, 10’ of rusty chain, a rusty cauldron, 3 flasks of oil, and a small chest with 83 silver pieces.
Our heroes return to the passage and continue further into the darkness. They pass 2 more rooms which contain nothing more than dust and debris. The PCs then enter a semicircular chamber with a passage leading away from either side, and a couple of archways in the opposite curved wall. They choose to head down the passage to their left, the smell of death increasing with every step.
They reach a circular chamber, about 40’ across, with 5 archways along the walls. In the middle of the chamber are the remains of several corpses amongst a litter of broken bones. Assuming these are the bandits, they begin hacking off the heads in order to receive their bounty from Sir Ladjos. While they perform their gristly work, 3 Risen Dead approach from one of the side rooms and attack. Damir throws one of the flasks of oil he found earlier, splashing the zombies. They fray is engaged! Ulf tries igniting one of undead, but fails to do so. Lamach and Otho occupy themselves in melee with the dead, and Ulf is finally able to light a zombie on fire, Damir lights another torch and sets another undead on fire. With a combination of steel and fire our heroes are able to defeat the undead.
As they discuss what to do with the heads, Ulf hears a noise coming from the passage they came down: the familiar clink, clink, clink of armor and weapons! 3 skeletal warriors enter the chamber and engage our champions. The PCs find that they cannot seem to hit they skeletons; and when they do, their blows seem to glance off of rusty mail or dusty bones. They relent and beat a hasty retreat to the entrance, passing 3 more skeletal warriors. As they flee, they swear they can hear a low murderous laughter resounding throughout the place…

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XP: 420 each (Ding!!!)
Session 4:

Dave – Lamach (Shemite Nomad2)
Mike – Damir (Zamorian Thief2); not present
Tim – Otho (Aquilonian Soldier2)
Fooch – Ulf (Aesir Barbarian2)

Our heroes decide to return to town and re-equip themselves. They purchase clubs, staves and slings to better deal with the skeletons, as their weapons were not as effective against them. Lamach speaks to Caldara, telling here that her cousin is dead. He spends the rest of the night comforting her in her time of need.

Day 6 – Otho meets with Sir Ladjos in the morning and explains that they killed some of the bandits, but other bandits were already dead and they may have killed each other. At this point, the adventurers are worried that maybe a sorcerer is creating the undead through use of some foul necromancy. They also inquire about the merchant they came with, but they are told that he has already left town.
They return to the tomb around midday and make their way back to the chamber of corpses. They enter the side room from which the risen dead initially came from. Damir searches the room and finds a secret door, but then hears sounds coming from behind them. From the chamber approach 6 skeletons with rusty weapons ready for use. The heroes defend the archway to prevent the skeletons from attacking them en masse. With their new weapons they easily defeat them, leaving their assailants in a heap of bone fragments.
Damir opens the secret door and a dark passageway looms before them. Otho takes the lead, making his way down the hallway. They enter a chamber with 3 more skeletons and dispatch them quickly. On the right wall of the chamber an archway leads to stairs going down. They go down and find themselves before a pair of doors with strange runes inscribed upon them. Damir opens the doors…
Before them lies a pillared chamber with a sarcophagus in the middle. Rotten tapestries line the walls, and around the sarcophagus there is what looks like treasure! Otho tells the others to quickly find something to help prop the doors open, wary of a trap. As they search, a dark figure makes its way across the chamber, its eyes glowing red and a strange green light pulsing on its chest. Damir steps into the chamber and takes up a position next to a pillar, holding a torch high. Lamach enters and finds a place next to another pillar, readying his weapons.
At this point, the light from Damir’s torch illuminates the figure approaching them. Before them is the animated corpse of a once regal looking warrior, wearing ornate armor from an age gone by. The apparition’s eyes are aglow with some unholy fire, which seems to reach into their very souls. Our heroes muster all the willpower they can and stand their ground! (they pass their Terror checks)
Ulf looks upon the undead abomination and becomes angered, his eyes filling with a crimson mist as he charges forward and engages the foul wight. He strikes it square on the chest with his war club, sending it reeling. The skeletal creature strikes back at Ulf with its ornate broadsword; cutting through his armor as if it were butter and leaving a crimson trail in its wake. Otho then enters the chamber, taking a position next to the barbarian and strikes the wight on its side. Damir and Lamach follow suit, surrounding the foul creature and wounding it from all sides. Ulf then raises his might war club and brings it crashing down upon the wight, crushing it.
Our weary adventurers search the chamber and find the following loot: A necklace with a huge glowing sapphire, an Akbitanan broadsword, 193 gold lunas, 487 silver pieces, 6 pieces of jewelry, 8 gems, and 2 brass candelabras.

Our heroes return to town and settle down to a quiet evening of ale and a hot meal. They ponder what to do with the glowing necklace; Otho keeps insisting on going to his home country of Aquilonia, as it is the best place for everything. Ulf and Otho both visit an armorer and purchase brigandine coats.
Lamach asks Caladara to join him on his adventures, showing her his share of the loot. As she has no family left, she decides to follow her Shemite lover.

Damir – 265
Otho – 530
Lamach – 530
Ulf – 580
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No problems there though. Use to run D&D for years with just myself and one player.
Session 5: The Osternus Contract

Dave – Lamach (Shemite Nomad2); not present
Mike – Damir (Zamorian Thief2)
Tim – Otho (Aquilonian Soldier2)
Fooch – Ulf (Aesir Barbarian2)

Three weeks pass after the events of the last session. During this time, our heroes spend most of their treasure carousing. They decide to travel around Brythunia and are eventually relieved of their Hyborian Warhorses by a Brythunian noble and his retinue who are in need of fresh horses. Caldara leaves Lamach for a handsome Nemedian Noble. The group make their way to the city of Innasfaln in southern Brythunia and are caught in a rainstorm prior to crossing the river into the city. They are wet and hungry.

After landing at the docks of Innasfaln, our heroes must endure a long wait as customs inspectors go over the barge with a fine tooth comb. By the time they disembark, it is well into the night and another rainstorm fast approaches. They visit several inns to acquire lodgings, but find no luck. Apparently a feud between two nearby nobles has escalated into war and the city is full of mercenaries and merchants looking to fatten their purses with the promises of war.
They are approached by a man who takes pity on them. ”Gizza couple silver an’ I’ll find yas a nice warm place ta bed down fer tha night” he says. Damir studies him closely and his thieves’ instincts tell him not to trust the man.
They continue their search and finally spy a sign outside an establishment that says “The Reaver’s Return”. They talk to the owner and he puts them up in a dingy attic room for the night. Suspicious of the place and it’s location, Otho decides the group should post a watch during the night, and refuses to take off his brigandine coat.
An hour or so after the bed down for the night, Otho hears the sounds of footsteps on the roof, and then sees a face in the window. He wakes his compatriots, but the would-be thief is long gone.
They wake the next day and go their separate ways in search of needed supplies and employment. Damir is approached by a young boy wearing the livery of a local merchant. Damir arranges for he and his companions to meet the merchant that night.
Our heroes eventually arrive at the mansion of Belisarius Osternus, who explains the task before them. A gem, called the Eye of Kuthu, which is reputed to have great sorcerous powers, has arrived in the city. House Osternus contracted out a local gang to acquire it, but they have yet to make good with delivery. He offers them 100 gold lunas to deliver it by morning and hands them a carved wooden box with which to transport the gem. Belisarius arranges for one of his men to lead the group to the gang’s hideout, located in the city’s Maul.
They agree to the job and return to their inn for a spot of dinner before heading out. Belisarius’ man arrives at the inn and leads them through the city to the hideout, a out-of-use tavern called “The Black Dog” the gang uses as a front for their operation. Upon casing the building, they notice that the street is very quiet and there seems to be no one around. No light or sound come from the inside the hideout. They proceed in with caution and find the scene of a massacre. Gang members lie dead throughout the place bleeding from fresh wounds. They search the corpses and find that they have been stripped of valuable, except for fig leaf necklaces on 2 of the bodies, which they take. They continue their search of the place in hopes of finding the gem.
Upon entering a storage room, a crossbow bolt flies out of the darkness, barely missing Damir’s head. Approaching cautiously, they find a severely wounded man struggling to reload his crossbow. Otho assures him they mean no harm and tends to his wounds. The man explains that a rival gang, the Manganos, attacked by surprise. He was aware that his boss, Urkgan, was in possession of a valuable gem, which would explain why they were attacked. The Manganos, he says, are a Zamorian gang know for their ruthlessness, led by Bogdan Mangano, and explains to his saviors where they are located. He also explains that as he lay there wounded, he overheard two of the Manganos talking and learned their password. Upon learning the password, Otho decides that this man is no more use to them and runs him through (failed Will save, +1 Corruption; pretty cold-blooded I think, heal a guy just to kill him).
The group makes their way to the Mangano base. Damir suggests that he and Lamach enter the place using the password and fig leaf necklaces. He reasons that since the Manganos are Zamorians, he will fit in very well and of the remaining 3, Lamach would raise less suspicion. They gain access to the Mangano base and proceed to pick up bits of information as they make their way around the place. Damir approaches Bogdan’s lieutenant and bribes him to gain access to the leader. Damir and Lamach enter Bogdan’s study and find an opulently decorated study with a trail of blood leading from a side door to a bookcase. Damir checks the bookcase, suspecting a secret door of some sort. Lamach checks the doors and finds that it leads to a bedroom, occupied by a now headless corpse. Damir finds and opens the secret door, which leads to a stairway down.
They find themselves in the sewers beneath the city, following a faint trail of blood on a slippery ledge. The trail eventually leads to an alcove; a mass of rats scurry away as they approach. Damir and Lamach find a corpse which has been feasted upon by the rats. Upon further inspection, they notice a severed head nearby and a bloody handprint on the wall. Damir searches the corpse and finds the gem, quickly putting it in the box given to him by the merchant. He checks the handprint and discovers a secret door. It leads the two into a corridor which comes to a dead end. Another search reveals yet another secret door, and a peep hole. Damir looks through the hole, and sees a room occupied by several bound men being guarded by a robed figure. As he watches, a second robed figure enters the room and speaks with the first, and then both of them drag one of the bound men away.
Damir and Lamach enter the room and free the men. They are told by the men that they were attacked by cultists and they are currently sacrificing their fellows in order to summon a demon that the cultists were looking for. Lamach insists that they leave, but Damir becomes curious. He moves to a door and listens, hearing rhythmic chanting in the room above. “Let’s go, we’ve got the gem!” hisses Lamach.
Shortly thereafter they meet up with their comrades and make their way to the merchant’s house. They nervously hand over the gem and receive their pay, not staying to hear the praising of their host.

Epilogue- Belisarius sat at his desk, turning the gem in his hand. He watched as the light from the fireplace played upon it. Tomorrow morning, a certain Stygian would be quite pleased with his efforts. House Osternus always makes good on their dealings he thought to himself, turning the gem in his hand once more. He felt a cold chill play across the back of his neck. The gem landed with a thump as he realized that all the windows were closed…

(This adventure was based on “The Oldenhaller Contract”, from the 1st ed. WHFRP rulebook)

Damir – 300
Otho – 250
Lamach – 125
Ulf – 250
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Session 6: “The Osternus Contract Pt. II”

Dave – Lamach (Shemite Nomad2)
Mike – Damir (Zamorian Thief2)
Tim – Otho (Aquilonian Soldier2); not present
Fooch – Ulf (Aesir Barbarian2)

Two days after the aforementioned adventure, our heroes are approached by Theodoric Huyder, one of the men they saved. He explains that his gang is low on members and would like they to join as a show of thanks. They join and are initiated into they Huyder gang. During this time, they find out that their former patron, Belisarius Osternus, was mysteriously murdered. They also find out that the Mangano gang is now being led by his former lieutenant and they are seeking revenge for the death of their leader. This begins to worry them ard they begin inquiring about purchasing horses.
One night, our heroes come across a well dressed man and his bodyguard being assaulted by a group of footpads. They know a golden opportunity when they see one, and join in the fray. All but one of the thugs are killed, to the delight of a thankful nobleman. Murcillio, the nobleman, takes them back to the inn he resides at and showers them with drinks and wenches. Damir attempts to convince Murcillio to leave Innasfaln and travel elsewhere with them; Murcillio tells him that he will consider it. Not as far into his drinks as his compatriots, Damir notices a Stygian and a Zamorian eye-balling the group of them. He decides to follow them once they leave, but only learns where they are staying.
The next day, the Zamorian whom Damir followed the night before approaches them. Vargo, the Zamorian, tells them that his employer wishes to speak with the group. He takes them to his employer, a Stygian Scholar by the name of Xuthis. Xuthis explains that he was the one who originally hired out the services of Belisarius Osternus in order to acquire the Eye of Kuthu. He explains that he still wishes to obtain the gem, and that since Osternus hired them and they actually delivered it to him, they must be the right men for the job. Xuthis tells them that he will call upon them at a later date, once he finds out more about the whereabouts of the cultists. He explains that the cultists worship a god named Thuxra.

Damir – 200
Otho – 100
Lamach – 200
Ulf – 200

Session 7: “The Osternus Contract Pt. III”

Dave – Lamach (Shemite Nomad2)
Mike – Damir (Zamorian Thief2)
Tim – Otho (Aquilonian Soldier2); not present
Fooch – Ulf (Aesir Barbarian2)
Eric – Tharkrak (Cimmerian Barbarian2)

Theodoric Huyder, the gang’s leader, introduces a new recruit to our intrepid adventurers: Tharkrak the Skull Slasher. They take him under their wing and proceed to show him the finer points of the crime industry.
Damir begins asking around about the cult of Thuxra and seems to get nowhere, till a priest of Ibis points him in the direction of a certain scholar he knows is in town. Damir then proceeds to put the word out on the street that he is looking for this man. His name is Haephus, and is a scholar from Nemedia.
The next day, after their usual rounds of shaking down shopkeepers and bribing guards, they return to the hideout and are approached by Theodoric. He tells them that one of the shopkeepers that pays them protection money just had his shop attacked by the Mangano gang. He orders them to go to the shop and determine what happened, drive off any Maganos still there, etc.
On there way to the shop, they are caught in an ambush. Luckily, Otho spots a footpad on a rooftop and are thus not caught un-aware. The footpads move in with blinding speed, stabbing with their shortswords and causing our heroes to worry about their futures on this world. The group musters all the courage they can and fight back in a most heroic fashion, felling 6 of the Manganos. A few get away, but not before Tharkrak breaks down the door of a residence in order to reach the rogue on the rooftop. By the time he reaches the roof, the thug is long gone and the familiar sound of the approaching city watchmen cause them to fall back to their hideout.
Upon reaching their base, the group tends to their wounds and call it a night. The next day, Damir and Lamach head off to find Haephus the Nemedian. Once they find him, Damir questions him about Thuxra. Haephus explains that Thuxra is a death god and that his worship was believed to have died out some time ago. Haephus asks Damir why he is so interested in Thuxra, but he only replies that its business, making Haephus wonder about his intentions. Damir slips him a gold luna and asks him to find out more if he can, to which he agrees.

Damir – 450
Otho – 225
Lamach – 450
Ulf – 450
Tharkrak –450

Session 8: “The Osternus Contract Pt. IV”

Dave – Lamach (Shemite Nomad2)
Mike – Damir (Zamorian Thief2)
Tim – Otho (Aquilonian Soldier2); not present
Fooch – Ulf (Aesir Barbarian2)
Eric – Tharkrak (Cimmerian Barbarian2); not present

As the day draws to a close, our intrepid adventurers return to their hideout. Their gang leader, Theodoric, wishes to discuss the events of the previous day. He feels that now is the time to strike the Mangano gang as they are still reeling from their botched ambush attempt. He tells his recent recruits that he is very imressed with them and wants them to think of a plan over dinner.
After our heroes finish their meals, they present a few options to Theodoric. He listens intently at what they tell him and ponders for a while. Theodoric decides to go with the plan suggested by Lamach:
The next day, a meeting is arranged between the two gangs in order to make peace. A neutral location is decided upon, and arrangements are made. As the light fades from the Brythunia sky, our heroes make their way for Mangano territory whilst the rest of the gang are busy meeting with the Mangano envoys. They quietly wait in an alley as a few buildings down a fruit peddler’s wagon passes by. The wheel on the wagon comes loose and fruit is scattered across the cobblestones. Beggars and street urchins, who would normally act as lookouts for the Manganos, scramble for the fruit as our heroes quietly pass by them.
They approach the gate to the hideout but find that it is barred from the other side. Tharkrak vaults over the wall and lands next to a guard. The guard lets out a warning to his compatriots inside and attempts to attack Tharkrak, but misses. With one fell stroke, Tharkrak disembowels the Zamorian and then lifts the bar on the gate. The other four enter the small courtyard and take flanking positions on the front door.
Tharkrak gives them a puzzled look and then charges the front door, putting his full weight behind his shoulder. The door shudders under the weight of the barbarian, but does not break. Ulf swears under his breath and knocks the door open with a well-placed kick. Damir, Otho, and Lamach ready their weapons as they wait for the Manganos to come at them from their hideout. Instead, Tharkrak charges into the building, engaging the first man he sees. Two more Zamorians pounce on Tharkrak, but only one is able to even slightly wound the barbarian. Ulf and Otho enter the hideout in order to help their comrade as Lamach begins firing into the building at point-blank range. As there is no room for him to enter, Damir chooses to run around the building to a back door. Atharic, the new Mangano leader, and a well-muscled Shemite appear from a back room. The Shemite gives a big grin as he charges into Tharkrak and punches him in the side of the head, sending him reeling. Blades flash everywhere, and Manganos start dropping. The Shemite grabs Tharkrak in a headlock and begins pummeling him as one of his fellows attempts to stab the near helpless barbarian with his shortsword, but fails miserably. Tharkrak tries to free himself, but can’t seem to break from the iron grip of the Shemite. Atharic and another Zamorian are able to flank Otho and drop him with some well-placed stabs that finally get past his armor. Ulf and Damir drop a few more foes and begin to surround the Shemite in an attempt to free their friend from his grip. The Shemite releases Tharkrak and swings his mighty ham-fist at him, but misses as the barbarian ducks. Atharic stabs Tharkrak from behind and drops the Cimmerian, to the dismay of his fellow heroes. Damir kills the Shemite with a stab to his kidneys as the rest of his friends engage Atharic and bring him down too.
Ulf begins spreading oil about the hideout as Lamach and Damir do a quick search of the place. Ulf takes a torch from the wall and throws it as they leave with their near-dead friends. They return to their base and begin nursing their compatriots back to health, knowing that the power of the Manganos is forever lost.

Damir – 570
Otho – 280
Lamach – 620 (Ding!)
Ulf – 570 (Ding!)
Tharkrak – 280
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Session 9: “The Osternus Contract Pt. V”

Dave – Lamach (Shemite Nomad2/Thief1)
Mike – Damir (Zamorian Thief2)
Tim – Otho (Aquilonian Soldier2); not present
Fooch – Ulf (Aesir Barbarian3)
Eric – Tharkrak (Cimmerian Barbarian2)

While his friends are recuperating from the previous night’s events, Damir heads into the city to find Haephus. He eventually finds the scholar and they discuss the cult of Thuxra. Haephus tells Damir that he knows they are working for Xuthis and warns him not to trust him. He tells him that he will tell him the location of the shrine where the cultists took the gem, but only if they deliver it to him, and not Xuthis. Haephus offers them 250 gold lunas when they return to Innasfaln with the gem.
The next day, the group begins preparations for their job. They will be traveling for 2 or 3 days so they pick up rations, ale, and various gear for the trip. They set out the next day and travel to Herenbad, a small village located in the foothills of the Karpash mountains.
They find the only tavern in the village and proceed to order a meal and drinks. Damir overhears some of the locals discussing the cultists and proceeds to talk to them. He learns that the villagers are in fear of the cultists and wish they were gone. Damir offers the services of his compatriots, but the villagers inform him that they are but simple farmers and woodcutters, unable to afford mercenaries. One of the villagers tells him where the cultists are located; a cave about ½ hour from the village, toward the mountains.
After some discussion, the group decides to make their way to the cave in order to scout it out. Upon nearing the cave, they are able to discern 4 guards outside of it. They decide to creep a bit closer through the woods, but the guards hear them. Two of the guards approach cautiously, looking through the woods with apprehension. Damir lunges from the underbrush and quickly slays one of them; his comrades follow suit and proceed to finish off the rest. The last to fall lets out a yell, warning of the attack.
The group takes up positions flanking the mouth of the cave, expecting a counter-attack. Two cultists come down the tunnel running from the mouth of the cave and notice the bodies of their fallen comrades. They run back the way they came to warn their fellow cultists, but not before one of them is charged and slain by Ulf.
The group decides to proceed cautiously down the tunnel, wary of an ambush. The tunnel eventually leads them to a large cavern which is currently inhabited by two dozen or so cultists, busily taking orders from their leader, Jonas. The cultists notice the interlopers and charge. The group holds its ground and begins butchering cultists, two at a time from inside the tunnel.
Seeing that his followers cannot use their advantage of numbers if the invaders stay in the tunnel, the foul sorcerer orders his men to back up and form a defensive line, pelting the group with sling stones. The group comes out of the tunnel and begins their grisly work, attempting to get around a flank and reach the sorcerer. The cultists find that their weapons cannot pierce the group’s armor, causing minimal wounds to them. Jonas begins casting Ill-Fortune on the group in hopes of robbing them of as much martial advantage as possible. Lamach stays in the tunnel and snipes at the cultists, drawing the attention of Jonas. He hurls a globe of Stygian Tomb Dust at him, but Lamach avoids it. Damir and Otho run around the cultists and flank Jonas; Damir stabs him in the kidneys, wounding him severely, but before he falls, a magical burst of energy emanates from him dropping 5 of the cultists and Damir. The remaining heroes then finish off the foul sorcerer and his remaining evil minions.

Damir – 1100 (Ding!)
Otho – 525 (Ding!); not present
Lamach – 1050
Ulf – 1050
Tharkrak – 1075 (Ding!)

Session 10: “Goddess of the Swamp”

Dave – Lamach (Shemite Nomad2/Thief1)
Mike – Damir (Zamorian Thief3)
Tim – Otho (Aquilonian Soldier2/Thief1)
Fooch – Ulf (Aesir Barbarian3)
Eric – Tharkrak (Cimmerian Barbarian3); not present

Things in Innasfaln start getting a little dangerous for the five companions as the local authorities take steps to rid the city of underworld organizations once and for all. They look up their friend Murcillio, who owes them a debt. He sends them to his brother Arcturius in Nemedia, a minor land-owning noble, where they take up positions as men-at-arms and scouts.
On one particular patrol near a swamp, they come across a family who has been recently attacked by mongrel-men. The family explains that the mongrel-men left their cart of produce alone and took their 12-year-old daughter. They plead with the heroes to go find their daughter and save her.
They make their way through the swamp, following the tracks of the mongrel-men. A few hours later, they approach a crude village; The mongrel-men are holding some sort of celebration, chanting and dancing around a large fire. They circle around to the left of the village, whilst Damir stays put and prepares to light one of the huts on fire. He lights the hut, but not as many villagers come to investigate as they had hoped; they must get to the girl, who is near the fire next to the village shaman. The barbarians decide to charge forward and the battle ensues. The 5 begin hacking down the mongrel-men as if they were wheat, but the shaman senses that the odds may be against his men and begins withdrawing into the swamp with the girl and a few men. The bloodbath lasts for but a minute before the remaining mongrel-men panic and flee. The heroes take a moment or two to bandage what few wounds they received in the skirmish. It is now night-time and the head off into the swamp in search of the poor girl and her captors.
An hour or so later, they reach a clearing in the swamp. In the center is a low, stone platform rising from the waters, with the girl tied to a rusty metal ring. The mongrel-men seemed to have scattered into the night. The group approaches the platform; Damir, suspecting foul-play, checks around the sobbing girl for any traps which the mongrel-men may have set. He finds none and waves the rest of his friends forward.
Just then, a hideous beast explodes from the water; the creature resembles a 9’ tall elderly female, with long disheveled black hair, long boney fingers ending in cruel talons, and eyes that have a green glow. Both Otho and Damir panic at the sight of the Moorwitch and run for the swamp, but the rest of the heroes stand their ground. The barbarians, enraged at this point, begin hacking away at her, as she lashes back with her cruel talons. Lamach frees the girl and moves her to safety, and begins firing arrows to assist his compatriots. Eventually the Moorwitch lets out a hideous shriek as their blades and arrows finish her off.

Damir – 870
Otho – 870
Lamach – 870
Ulf – 945
Tharkrak – 472; not present

Session 11: “The Tomb of Balaat-Metop”

Dave – Lamach (Shemite Nomad2/Thief1)
Mike – Damir (Zamorian Thief3)
Fooch – Ulf (Aesir Barbarian3)
Eric – Tharkrak (Cimmerian Barbarian3); not present

Six months later, in the middle of winter, the group gets a visit from Haephus. He makes a deal with Arcturius to allow them to go in search of an item of importance for him. He agrees to release them from his service temporarily for a share of whatever wealth they find. Otho decides to stay, in order to improve his soldierly skills.
Haephus explains that a Stygian sorcerer named Rashepses, an associate of Xuthis, is in possession of a map and information leading to the tomb of Balaat-Metop. In the tomb is an powerful item called the Scepter of Solon, which must be retrieved before Rashepses can get a hold of it. He is currently on his way to the city of Polopponi, in Corinthia; Haephus tells them to contact a scribe named Gadeirus once they arrive there for more information.
After 3 weeks on the road, they finally reach the city of Polopponi. They contact Gadeirus and he tells them that Rashepses is currently making plans to travel into the Sea of Gray Despair, a desolate wasteland northeast of the city. He has hired on several men and purchased a wagon and various pieces of equipment. Damir spends the next day tracking down the Stygian as his friends make preparations for their journey. He discovers that he is staying at the house of a wealthy merchant, and decides to watch the place for activity.
Early next morning, Damir sees the sorcerer and his men leaving the city. He gathers the rest of the group and they begin following the sorcerer at some distance. After some 10 days of travel, the sorcerer and his men make camp in a canyon. The group proceeds to take turns watching the camp and make plans to attack, as their supplies of rations are getting low.
Observing the camp for a good part of the day, they notice that Rashepses and 2 of his guards remain in the camp, while 5 others go off into one of the canyons with mining tools. The group decides leave their horses behind and to encircle the camp as stealthily as possible, staying to the top of the canyon walls for cover. One of the guards, a Shemite, notices Tharkrak and raises the alarm. The barbarians decide to charge forward and engage the guards while Damir sneaks up behind one of the tents; Lamach stays on the canyon wall providing covering fire. Rashepses steps out of his tent see what all the commotion is about. Lamach attempts to shoot the sorcerer, but fails. Rashepses hurls a small object (Stygian Tomb-Dust) at Lamach, but also misses. Lamach once again fires at the sorcerer and misses, but forces him to take shelter in his tent.
The 2 barbarian continue fighting the guards, slowly wearing them down, as Damir cautiously approaches Rashepses’ tent, with foul intentions in his heart. Lamach turns his bow on the 2 guards in order to help out his compatriots. Rashepses steps out of his tent once again only to find Damir there with blade in hand. Damir fails to wound the sorcerer, and they begin the deadly dance of death; Damir finds that Rashepses is quicker than he estimated, and starts to become disheartened as the sorcerer’s blade begins drawing his blood. Once he sees his 2 guards fall, Rashepses decides to flee down the canyon in hopes of evading the attackers. Lamach puts an arrow into his back, nearly killing him, then Damir runs up behind him and finishes him off once and for all.
Next, the group makes its way up a canyon in order to find the other men. They find them at the end of a canyon busy at work clearing rubble from in front of a large door. Lamach lets fly an arrow at the foreman, which is stopped by his leather armor. The laborers take cover behind rocks as Damir begins dictating terms to them. He ensures them that no harm will come to them as long as they continue their work. Damir offers to pay them double what their former employer promised them in hopes that they won’t run away. Ulf and Lamach return to the camp in order to search for valuables and supplies.

Damir – 375
Lamach – 375
Ulf – 375
Tharkrak – 187; not present