Mr. Sprange: Any news on OGL Steampunk questions?

blue crane

Dear Sir,

As you are aware, I had asked a couple of questions about 'Steampunk' with regards to the fact that it was missing certain sections (character sheet and monsters). Do you have any news for us at this time, or not?

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Blue Crane
I'm somewhat disappointed with the powers that be, that these questions have yet to receive an answer, they have been asked a number of times now and still we've had no response at all..... I know I would appreciate a response, even if its a "no you can't have a character sheet" at least we'd finally have an answer.
Actually, it was answered around 4 weeks ago. Old Bear responded if I recall correctly, and they said they were working on a downloadable char sheet.
Oddly enough most of the Mongoose folks are busy working and don't read every post in every thread so may well have either missed the questions, or been waiting for answers from the author to provide them to you..either way I'd suggest you collate all the questions into a single thread without a bunch of "were disheartened" comments between each one ;) and then send a polite e-mail to Mister Sprange pointing out that the thread exists with a link of where to find it.

Seriosuly folks cut them some slack its not like they're glued in front of a monitor on the off chance someone may post a question for them to answer LOL :lol: