Mongoose Project Status


I'd think that Vietnam would be 15mm not 6mm... more likely to get minis that you could recognise and the vehicles aren't that big...

True about Robotech, but then the Zentraedi are big...


I would hope that Project R is the Renagade Legion setting,
while i would like to see Robotech i think the Renagade would be a better fit for Mongoose..
you have,
Centurian, the 6mm ground combat game...
Interceptor, Starfighter dogfights,
Travaller could be used for the roleplaying game
and then there is of course,
Leviathan, a better fit for ACTA i cannot think of....the thought of finaly after all these years being able to get my hands on a mini of a Shiva class Battleship has me week at the knees.....

and if it is i will end up with more debt than Greece...:(


Renegade Legion setting would be a great game to play again but I heard the license was with tops and it would be hard to get.


Funnily, I have just been given a box full of Renegade Legion stuff. Full of crunch, but the fluff is awesome. Mongoose couldn't support all its elements without significant investment, I suspect.

BTW Palladium still have the Robotech licence.

Maybe R=Riot, ie, Block Wars for Judge Dredd. With the much trailed but little revealed Manta as the BIG release for it.


Renegade Legion is one of those oldies but goldies. The Roman styled legions of TOG, the oppressive aliens, the high tech combat both on the ground and in space. It really was a very unique setting and it defiantly would work in 6mm.

Someone mentioned a Recon game, Vietnam time period. While that would be interesting I think Battlefront is already doing it in 15mm and it looks pretty darn good. Also the number of huge battles in Vietnam is actually pretty small so 6mm seems a little too grand for the scale, but I could easily be wrong.

I'm personally still rooting for Robotech, but not due to any knowledge of whats coming or even a logical speculation, just holding onto a dear childhood love I probably never will get over.


I'd love to see Renegade legion done by Mongoose - a while back I did a Centurion ACTA variant that seemed to work well.
I think I remember a couple years ago some issues with whether or not Harmony Gold even had a valid license.

It's so murky, and given the way things went with SST, I imagine Robotech is the last thing Mongoose wants to touch.


Am I just blind or is there nowhere DATE when the campaign guide will be released? It's on pre-order status but WHEN is the book coming out?

Won't pay 1 cent for pre-order if I don't even know when I could expect it. This month? Next month? Next year?

Especially with the books history being what it is I won't dare to risk preordering without having idea when it's coming out. For all I know could end up in next decade ;)


Cosmic Mongoose
Is there any movement on the State of the Mongoose? I look forward to reading it about this time each year and it certainly seems like the company has had a decent number of successes in 2013 :)