Mongoose News - New Traveller Books in Print


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Greetings, fellow Travellers!

Just a quick news update - over the past few weeks we have had a veritable fleet (or at least a decent flotilla) of new books rolling in for Traveller, all fresh back from print and ready for your own campaigns:

Drinaxian Companion
An expansion to both the Trojan Reach and the Pirates of Drinax campaign, and useful for any and all pirate-based adventures in Traveller. The Companion includes new adventures, a complete Faction system, example ships to pirate and encounter, rules for building hidden pirate bases, a new beginning to the Pirates of Drinax campaign, and lots more!

Shadows of Sindal
The discovery of a long-forgotten key prompts a mission to Paal, an easy task to find and open a vault containing treasures from the Empire of Sindal. King Oleb expects a quick return with a huge payoff, but nothing is ever that simple... Shadows of Sindal is a complete mini-campaign that can be inserted into any existing Trojan Reach game, including the mighty Pirates of Drinax!

Reach Adventure 7: Last Train Out of Rakken-Goll
A brand new adventure set in the Trojan Reach, Last Train perfectly blends advanced technology with that of a backwater world that relies on steam trains to transport goods and people across vast distances. The Travellers will befriend the ruling Imperial noble who has found his world has developed a few problems...

Naval Adventure 3: Fire on the Sindalian Main
The Travellers and their capital ship are deployed deep into the Void when they are assigned to the remote Imperial Navy base at Dpres. There they must take command of a joint-force task group and proceed along the Sindalian Main to Tktk. Their mission is to interdict the planet to protect its native sophont species, the tktks.