Mongoose News - Classic Paranoia Returns!


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Good afternoon, Citizens!

Just the briefest of updates today.

Implausible Deniability is getting the last polishing right now (will keep you updated on that) but we have a little bit of news that may be of interest:

Some of you may recall previous editions of Paranoia - well, these titles are now available in ebook format (and a few available in print!) once again on Drivethru, starting with our own Paranoia XP/Service Pack 1, and 25th Anniversary editions.

You can grab them all here:

While these books use a different rules set to the Paranoia box set now in your hands, there is oodles of information and ideas contained within their pages that you will still find most relevant to your own games, from simple (ha!) missions to the deviously masterful High Programmers RPG.

But what about the even older and classicer Paranoia books from the West End Games days? Stay tuned, loyal Troubleshooter, stay tuned...