As I've understood it Mobility wasn't a Feat in the original printing of Conan, instead being only a Class Feature of the Barbarian, Nomad and Pirate. In the AE it was made available also as a Feat because of the fact that Whirlwind Attack had it listed as a prereq (I'm guessing that was the reason).

Now, Barbarians, Nomads and Pirates get Mobility at 5th level and then go on to get Improved and Greater Mobility (which IMHO are GREAT) at 10th and 15th level, respectively. If you already have Mobility when you hit 5th level you directly get Improved Mobility, and so on. In the first printing this was held in check since the only way you could get Mobility was through one of these Classes, and so you could never ever get Improved Mobility before 10th level or Greater Mobility before 15th level.

But now, when Mobility is available as a regular Feat, a Barbarian, Nomad or Pirate could just get it at a low level and then get Improved at 5th and Greater at 10th level. Isn't this a bit to good? If I made a character of any of those Classes, I'd be tempted to do just this to get those high-level powers earlier. Only downside would be that when I finally hit 15th level I'd get nothing, but with multiclassing being so prevalent in Conan, I might never get there anyways.

What do you think? Am I overreacting and rating Improved and Greater Mobility as better than they are? I haven't seen them in actual play yet, but they seem pretty awesome to me.
It seems quite odd. Mr. Sprange seemed to deliberately leave the feat out of the original book, so I have to question whether he was involved in its return to the AE.

Personally, I don't think I'll allow it when I get the Atlantean Edition. I may allow a Thief to take it as their Special Ability.
I've been thinking about it a bit since I saw the post originaly. I think I will just tell any player who takes a class that gains mobility as a class ability that Improved Mob isn't useable until 10th character level. Player can either take something else as per DM approval or hold onto it and wait until they get to the 10th character level. The second option would be appropriate if say the character got to 5th level barabariam, for example, as his 8th or 9th character level.