Mixed Faction Parties


I just finished reading the part about how all of the factions are in the middle of a "hot" war and that it is very hard for a mixed faction party. Right now, all of my players except one want to be Mavs. Would the Mavs be more accepting of an Eather than the other factions? I think they would since the Mavs are all about indvidualism.

Looking for thoughts.
If the Earther character is sort of a drop-out from Earth's society who seeks for adventure and freedom in the Outer Rim, I think there's no problem.

If he's a soldier aboard an Earther Battleship hunting for Maverick outlaws or something, then you'll have some problems bringing them together. ;)

So, it just depends on the character's background, I think.
I'll have an Earther drop-out in my group, as well. And this way he is actually something like a Maverick (according to his background-story) but with the class feats and stuff of an Earther.
I ran into this problem as well. My character concept was an Earther fighter jock who had a problem with corporate policy towards Mavericks. She ended up running from the fleet and becoming a Maverick herself. I was faced with the dilemma of creating a Maverick character who would get all the cyber goodies but not enough skills and feats, or an Earther character who would get the skills and feats, but realistically would not be able to advance in the Earther advantages from now on.

There should be a cross-faction rule and I would like to see what others have to suggest before I try it.
Well in the fiction there's lots of cases of people from Earth and Gongen going Maverick. Raving Red Jane (a Gongen) and Jack Wilgress (ex-Earther Special Forces) are two good examples. What I would suggest is starting the character with the extra skills and feats of an Earther, and then replace the supply requisitioning with the discount on cyberware.

Point is that each faction has starting abilities (Skills/feats for E&G, Starting cyberware for Mavs) and then benifits for being in the faction (the action point abilites for E&G, 25% off cybergear for Mavs). Just my 2 creds.
The Earther could be a CISyn infiltrator. Only the Gamemaster and Earther player would know this, of course.
DanFor said:
The Earther could be a CISyn infiltrator. Only the Gamemaster and Earther player would know this, of course.

Another excellent idea... and basically straight from the fiction!

- Stratos
That's what I'm "paid" for ;).

Multi faction campaigns would be very interesting from several standpoints. I love RPGs where the whole party isn't playing for the same team necessarily. Heck, especially in Earther and Mav games you could still have quite a bit of backstabbing going on if the characters are from rival Corporations/gangs. Mixed faction campaigns I think would best be set mainly in the Rim where everyone has a presence of some sort or have them all star....oh, sorry, can't divulge my campaign ideas :twisted: