Missing Ships ??



Will we see any time the ships and stations statistics of this units we see in the 1st seasson show but not in the signs and portents book.

i count the follow missing units:

episode 1-01

- Centauri Spacestation above Ragesh 3
- Frighter how is attacked by the riders (looks for me as the Bulkfrighter
in the fiery trial book, but i am not sure)

episode 1-06

- Small Frighter with the rouge telepath is fleeing from the Black Omega

episode 1-09

- Ipsha (?) Warglobe

episode 1-13

- Tankshuttle in the first scene
- Errata for the Corporated Frighter from 6 to 8 Cargopods in the statistic
section (In the text are written 8 Pods)
- Centauri Shuttle Typ 2 (This how is used from the Raiders if they
kidnapped the eye and the centauri noble.

episode 1-17

- A second Minbari Warcruiser (We see it on the ID-Screen on Babylon
descripted with 6 Neutroncannons, 12 Fusion lasers and six missiles.

episode 1-18

- A third Centaury Shuttlemodell (Maybe the same as in signs and
portents book but a other picture)
- The attacking Alienship how can seperated in three parts

episode 1-22

- The Narn Outpostbase how is destroyed by the Shadows
- The Earth Spacestation (Jo) we can see as the Eartforce One are

Maybe we will see this in the next books, but if not, it will a good idea as a (from me) so called ship of the week for the free download section.

with reagards from Kabul


P.S. Sorry for the bad "german" english.