Minbari ships.


Ok, im trying to work out which ships are which in the Minbari book.

Halan'Vir - is this the flyer show in season 1 http://hyperspace.isnnews.net/minb/minbtran.jpg

I am unsure what the Noloshan, Neshatan and Morshin look like.

There are pictures of ships on page 99 and 102 that I am unable to name.

Torotha - is this the ship pictured on page 96 (among others, shown as being about triple the size of a niel so im not convinced it is)?

Also, this kinda looks a bit like the Enfalli, are the Enfalli and Liandra style ships, (I note there is a pic of a liandra type) detailed here, i don't think they are.
The Troligan is the picture on p.102, an armored cruiser from AuG fluff (though I still think it looks more like a much smaller police corvette)

On p.99 (and p.154) you can see the Toratha Assault Frigate - a nice little ship for warriors who like their combat close and personal. Also sometimes used to land on planets and drop troops.

The thing on p.96 (as well as in the pix on p.154 and p.155) is the Morshin Carrier - quite a bit larger then the picture might suggest (but then CGI, especially stills are no good way to guess at size)

THere once were some pic of the Neshatan and Tigara on the web, but I don't know if max Blagg still has them online - I for one couldn't remember the url's. But there still are some pictures that at least can get you a hint what they look like - from the old AoG stock list - Tigara Attack Cruiser, and Neshatan Gunship.

I don't know if there's Anything Anyone has yet thought up for the Noloshan, or if it just looks exactly like a Tinashi (the big picture on p.198/199).

Halan'Vir - possibly... let's ask MongooseAugust! (he wrote the "damn thing" after all :wink: :D )

Nothing on LotR ships in that book, save of the one sneak peek at the Liandra - I presume Mongoose will do them in an supplement covering that topic later.

See August? I wrote a big ship-recognitin chart was missing :p :lol:
You naughty person, sending innocent roleplayers to wolf's shipyard! :wink: :D
OK, it does have some rather nice side-views of many ships, but all who venture there, be warned - most of the fan-made designs are ridiculously over-armed! The munchyness of these ships has been known to make eyeballs pop out of their sockets and induce lenghty screaming among people concerned with logic or rationality :p
Other then that it's a nice site.