Minbari Fact Book Errors



I have identified an error in the Minbari Fact Book. In the book, it states that Minbari can expect to live over 200 years (the exact age escapes me). In the last episode of Season 4 (The Deconstruction of Falling Stars) the historians discount the idea that Delenn could still be alive because that would make her 140 and, while Minbari are admittedly long lived, the record is only about 130. It turns out that Delenn is in fact still alive, but her longevity is atypical and doubtless the result of her being part human, with the hybrid being longer lived than either of the original species.
Actually, you have identified a discrepancy between the episode (which was thrown together in a great hurry and was quite excellent despite that) and JMS's notes as part of the GEnie archive and CompuServe forums. In all cases where data of this kind is included, the books were written off of JMS's original documentation (including the 200 year lifespan).

That said, if you wish to go with a younger maximum age to reflect the episode, do so. It's your game, after all.

I was entertained by a minor error on page 9. Apparently Minbari body temperature is 96.8 Celsius. People might be wondering why Sherridan was walking funny... :p

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