Minbari Federation Fact Book


About three weeks ago I ordered this and The Zocolo. Anyways they came in today. The Zocolo is fine but the Minbari Fact Book is...well to be honest the cover looks like it went through the washing machine or something. The edges are all wrinkled and dented and whatnot. No plans to send it back as the pages are in good condition but I'm wondering how often this happens. My core rulebook and the Narn fact book that I got first(what Narn loyalist wouldn't start with the Narn Regime Fact Book right?) came in good shape. Did I just get unlucky with the Minbari book?

And on a side note...I have about $135. I'm trying to decide if I should order a Dilgar Fleet box and Fleet Book or get The Centauri Republic Fact Book plus Earth Alliance Fact Book plus Darkness and Light. Any opinions(for those who play both Call to Arms and the RPG)?
A few of the B5 books suffer from this. Mongoose have investigated and discusse dit with their printer. If it's really basd they'll probably offer to replace oit for you. Contact sales@mongoosepublishing.com