Ascended Humanity

Mage Ash

I was reading Darkness and Light and the watched the last episode of Season 4. In the process I got to thinking: What would humanity eventually look and be like when the reached Ascension some million years hence? This was my answer, though its not in rpg style.

I just had to post it, though do note that it is entirely my opinion and not backed by fact.

Ascended Humanity

Homeworld – The former Vorlon Homeworld was taken over by humanity in its 1,000,000th year.

Humanity’s Question – Unlike the Vorlon’s and the Shadow’s, Ascended Humanity has chosen two questions.
- What have you learned?
- Where have you been?

Ascended Human Biology
- Despite the fact that they are still called Humans, this ascended race is actually a mix and union of both pre-energy Human and Minbari. Thus the current race is not actually the same in a ‘genetic’ sense as the old humanity.
- Human Soul: The human soil exists as an informational construct and processing service on the border between hyperspace and realspace.
- Transcended State – Ascended Humanity has three (3) true forms.
- Energy State: This is a Lorien-like ball of energy. This is actually as close to humanity’s current true true form.
- Humanoid Encounter Suite: Energy form diffused throughout suite.
- Human-looking Physical Hologram: Using a means similar to how Lorien became physical, humanity can regain its former physical state without loosing any of its transcended abilities.
- The Sexes: The current Ascended Humanity is not differentiated into sexes in a physical sense. While personalities are still somewhat ‘male’ and ‘female’ it is not in anyway clear cut. Any two Humans can mate, even two ‘male’ personalities or two ‘female’ personalities.
- Procreation: Unlike the Vorlons, Ascended Humanity can still procreate naturally. This was a deliberate decision base don looking on the statis of the Vorlons. When two energy-sphere humans ‘mate’ a new information construct is created naturally and truly. This new ‘person’ is already and naturally a part of the hyperspace-realspace boundary. This new ascended human is not in anyway engineered by the other humans but a completely natural, though ascended, being. This provides a continually moving flow and stops stasis – the leading death of ascended races.

Ascended Telepathy
- All Ascended Humans are naturally telepathic at a level even surpassing the Vorlons that came before. Also, unlike the telepathy used by the Vorlons this is entirely based on biology and thus quite ‘natural.’ Humans are always between P15-P20.
- Racial Matrix: There is a telepathic matrix that doesn’t seek to control or demand but rather provides a sense of belonging and community. This has united humanity in a way that they were never in the past.

- Organic technology at Vorlon-like level. Use the Vorlon technological list with some slight changes.
- Greater Immortality: Like the Vorlons before them, Ascended Humanity now exists as information constructs on the border between realspace and hyperspace. They do not need to be incarnated to think and learn.

- Humans are united by still retain their individuality.
- Human society is an ocean of groups, all constantly growing and shrinking based on common purpose and interest. A human may belong to as many groups as they wish to.
- There are no political parties because all humans are connected to each other on a galaxy-wide telepathic network in which all humans vote o any given governmental measure. This works on an immediate and fool-proof consensus. This is called the Conclave.
- The Rangers are the only truly permanent non-Conclave organization within human society.

Human Military – The military is as alive as the rest of Ascended Humanity.
- Ships: These organic creatures are alive and sentient. They are naturally on a sub-channel of the Matrix and are happy to be of service to the greater human race. They are obedient but innovative and adventurous within their guiding orders.
- Tanks: These are large organic constructs that look like tanks but have no separate crews. They are sentient and intelligent but follow orders given to them by their Human directors. Like the ships, they are on a sub-channel of the Matrix.
- Infantry: These are creatures whose physical forms match what their purpose is. Every sort of infantry type exits within the human military; they are basically organic robots. As with all creations of Ascended Humanity they are on a sub-channel of the Matrix.

Other Ascended Races – Humans and Minbari are not the only Ascended races in existence, below is a listing of a few of the other ones.
- Centarui/Narn: Despite the proclamation of the Vorlons that the Narn and Centauri are a dying people, they have both managed to survive. They did this by unifying in the same way that the Humans and Minbari did. With this unification they not only regained a sense of self and a continued growth, but prospered enough to eventually rise to First One-like status.
- Draka: The Draka, of Shadow fame, have managed to not only survive but actually rise to a level almost equalling their former masters. They finally achieved a true understanding of what the Shadows taught and knew.
- Note: Out of the other races that existed in the last Shadow War less than a dozen have managed to ascend.
The Minbari and Humans remain separate. The Narn and Centauri don't make First One-ishness according to jms. (TLGtB5, Deconstruction of Falling Stars)

What about the other races?
The Minbari eventually make it; the Narn and Centauri do not. They don't die out, they just don't hit a state of First One-ishness, which is darn close to immortality (barring violence).

The one comment I would give is that jms has stated that the Narn and Centauri do not ascend - the only race's he specifically said do not (beyond the extinct ones...).
About the Narn and Centauri making it, I knew about the official statement but I guess I ignored it for an interesting idea. I had the interesting idea about them so I choose to use the idea and overright what was said. So that paragrapth will have to be changed.

About the Minbari being their own species, this is the first time I have ever heard that. I always thought that somehow both humanity and Minbari unite. At least that's how it appears on the show, oh well. No biggie, thanks though, for the piece of information its always good to know the most about Babylon 5.

At the same time, what do you actually think about the information. Is it at least interesting, if not actually useless. :D

Thanks for the thoughts.
It's cool. I'm guessing it's in the same format as 'Darkness and Light'. I think the part about humans still fooling around would probably be true, considering how much we do it now. ;)

Yeah, I like it as well. I was just wondering, though, what's Human's weakness(es)? When you've been around for as long as I... err... I mean when you've been around för an odd million years you tend to get stuck in your ways, and develop some quirks.

Following up on the theory that the First One's question mirror their weakness and that Humanity's would be "What will you stand for?", it would give that they'd be eternally fractionalised. Waddayathink?

Dr Goth
I kinda built that into the system, fractionlism. Within the psychic conclave that all humans belong to are the endless groups. These groups have the benefit of providing forward movement (thus stopping stasis) but cause some fractionalism. Of course if a foriegn power does something to unite the groups, oh boy, you don't want to know what happens. :D Beyond that, I don't know about other disadvantages.