Might buy the book..

I am not a RPG person in fact for years i wouldn't even look. But for some reason this game has my attention firmly (so that has to be something right?).

As i'm shopping at warstore i want to know what is necessary to run the game? like what book(s) should i get for a starting group?
Well, all you need to play is the PARANOIA rules and a twenty-sided die.

This book provides details on the PARANOIA world, background, how to create characters, how to run games as a Gamemaster and provides a first mission to get your players started.

PARANOIA Flashbacks represents a solid companion volume, with enough missions to last for months, if not a year or more - depending on how often you plan to play. The book includes missions that will last for one session or more - suiting the tastes and time available for your players and yourself.

The GM's Screen provides a good general purpose addition - including a screen to hide your notes and mission book. The Screen also comes with the Mission Blender that provides a whole booklet of tables that allow you to create missions from scratch with a bunch of dice rolls... or just provide an extra characters or room detail at a moments notice.

Paul B
ah thats good to hear. Now what are these Traitor manuals, XP stuff. Flashbacks? etc? Supplements? Do any of them clear up any rules i might encounter?
The Traitor's Manual is a general background supplement on the secret societies of the game's setting, Alpha Complex. Crash Priority is a collection of missions and pregenerated Troubleshooter player characters. The Mutant Experience is a collection of new mutant powers; every player character in PARANOIA is a mutant. All of these are good books, but none are essential early purchases -- though perhaps the pregenerated characters in Crash Priority would come in handy after you've gotten tired of the ones in the rulebook.

There is also STUFF, a large book of all kinds of equipment. If your players like PARANOIA, they'll love the things in this book, so that would probably be your first purchase after the fine products PaulB mentions above.

WMD and Extreme PARANOIA probably work best for more experienced Gamemasters, so you can defer those until you ultimately decide you love everything about the game and must have it all.
cerealkiller195 said:
thank you very much for a clear and concise response. i'm ordering the book right now. thank you.

Be thankful the information was availabvle to your security clearance citizen! :lol: