MGT2 Spaceship Operations Spreadsheet


Banded Mongoose
I'm starting to dig deeper into the trade and the ship operations aspect of the game, and it's becoming quite evident that a proper ledger/spreadsheet would be in order.

Now before looking to make my own, does anyone currently have one that they use and would be able to share?


Banded Mongoose
have you seen traveller tools with it's trade generating tool?
It does what you need, not sure what conversion to spreadsheet would add tbh

I have seen that trade generating tools...and it's pretty cool, but it's not really what I'm looking for.

What I'm looking for is an operations ledger. Just like what a business in the real world uses.

I've got my Free Trader and I can use your mentioned trade generator to produce revenue.....that's great! I can simply deduct whatever I earn from the outstanding ship mortgage, rinse and repeat.

But it more complicated than that. Docking fees, maintenance, fuel, salaries....all these can add up and I'd like to track those transactions. Now...I know this isn't required to play Traveller. But I'm curious if anyone has a spreadsheet they have already created to capture this style of play, and if so will they share it? I know there are those on the Traveller RPG Discord that engage in this detail orientated running a business type of gaming (and I've reached out asking). People have done it playing EVE Online....even old school AD&D had rules about building a keep, hiring of henchmen, and collecting taxes.


Cosmic Mongoose
What calendar are you planning to use?
Imperial? Specify format
US Date format MDY
European Format YMD
As it turns out, I have creatd two tools for exactly the purposes. They are part of a larger collection of various tools and assets, which is available at The Player Finance Tracker (PFT) has already been published on Github. It does provide a very simple ledger for tracking transactions, and is based on actual date.

The Trade Tool has not been published yet. I have been using it with my group, and it seems to work well. I am about halfway through a pretty significant overhaul of the Player Finance Tracker, and want to finish that before doing another release (the curent algorithms for distributions work well for ship expenses and mission payments, but not with speculative trade).

If you are interested you can get the current version of the PFT from the link above. I can try to send you a pre-release version of the Trade Tool if you are interested.