Merry Christmas, Mongoose!


Spaceships roasting by the solar flare
Starships skipping across the void
Screaming humans pursued by a bear

And folks dressed up like a Droid
20 December 23,
Ft. Steilacoom, Washington Territory
In Garrison

My wife, Erin, and I extend our sincerest best wishes to you, your families and friends for a safe, warm, and happy Holiday Season. May the season be filled with good food, good laughs, close moments, and respectful reverence however you approach the Divine in your lives.

/s Carl Hicks Jr
Co. C, 4th Infantry Reg't
[note: As some of you know, I'm a Civil War reenactor. This is a photo from last year's Veterans Day. It is the only time of the year that I wear my 'modern' Army fruit salad. At all other times, I dress out according to the 1861 regulations]


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