Medium sized targets are best (possible errata issue?)


Reading through the modifiers for range attacks, I come to Size.

For every 1 point below Size 5; -10%
For every 10 points above size 20; -10%


While I can certainly understand it being hard to hit a giant because you do not see him when he stands over you, as soon as you see him he would make a really large and easy target.

I suppose that entry should have read +10% instead of -10%?


Either than or you have second thoughts when you aim you missle weapon at freakin' huge monster.

"Maybe a warning shot will scare the dragon off? Yeah, that's all I need to do, scare it off. No sense getting it angry at me."


Dead Blue Clown said:
I vote typo. I've been using +10% on the instances it came up.

Which was admittedly only the once.

Yeah, that was my first reaction as well.

But then, I sort of liked the "fear factor" of facing something that large. But that would be a better modifier for close combat rather than ranged attacks.