Magic user & soldier (archer) combo?


So I'm building an archer for Conan (, but now my DM hinted me that if I wanted, I could go for the sorcery route at some point in the campaign.

Ok, so I come from the D&D world with class level dependant caster levels, spell resistance and other issues that make a multiclass sorcerer/wizard pretty much useless(*). But how about in Conan? Is it ok to start designing an archer character that would at some point become proficient in sorcery?

I don't have the books with me now, but could you tell me what was the casting stat for mages in Conan, is it INT or CHA or a mix of both? Can't remember as I never really looked into the Sorcery section that much (our DM said when he started the campaign that spellcasters are rare and it would be unlikely that one of us could become one, but now he changed his mind).

(*) = in DD, a 20th level character; fighter10/sorcerer10 is sorcery-wise just a 10th level sorcerer who can't bypass anyone with a spell resistance standard of 20th level.

You should consider buying "Hyboria's Finest"; it has a lot of options for combining scholar with other classes, including soldier.
Jumping in both feet first huh? A multiclass warrior-sorcorer is definetly a tricky build, however the good news is that is is more viable in Conan than in stock dnd.

First of all notice that all classes have a Magic Attack Bonus progression, this means that your magical potency (saving throw DC's) will be slower than a single class scholar but will not stop. Secondly note that there are no "spell levels". Instead spells have Prerequisites to learn them. Most spell prerequs boil down to either 1) know the previous spell in the "tree" and/or 2) have a certain base MAB and/or 3) have a certain number of ranks in a skill. Thus if you plan your level progression carefully it is possible for a multi-classed scholar to get access to some of the "high level" spells, although only at a high level. Kind of the same way you need to plan your feat trees when doing a multiclass fighter/somethine else.

Please note that some spells do have components that remain tied to your scholar level (caster level) notably durations and ranges. So you do loose out there.

The biggest difference for a multi-classed scholar (besides the lower MAB) is that he will not be nearly as versatile. The number of spells known and the number of Styles you have access to is dependent on progression in the scholar class. So a multi-classes scholar tends to be hyper-focused.

As for abilities: ALL the mental stats are important. Int gves you bonus spells know. Wis determines the number of Power Points you get (thus the number of spells you can cast per day). And Cha modifies your Magic Attack Roll (and thus the DC of your spells).

Specific advice for a archer/sorcorer? You may want to consider the Orential Magic style as it is the "martial" shool of magic. It has spells that buff your Dex so that is nice, though as a multi-class you will get hammered by short durations (duration runs off scholar level). If you do go that route then also consider Curses to get access to the awsome Geled Bones spell. If you don't go Orential Magic then you may consider Counterspells (always nice to protect yourself from the other spellcasters) or Hypnotism (to compensate for your social sills which I assume will be weak).

One last bit of advice. Check out the Rule of the Sorcorer's Soul and the War of the Souls. Once you become "awakened" other sorcorers and demons and such can engage you in psychic combat. And as a multi-class you will be at a significant disadvantage there. Just something to watch out for.

Hope that helps.