"Magic" sword...


I remember reading a conan novel years ago that featured a special sword conan used against a massive demon. IIRC, he found it all patined in a sword seller's cart who thought it a piece of junk. It also had a bluish blade and a bronze cross & pommel.

Can anyone remember the book I am thinking of, and also, any ideas for incorperating it into a campaign (stats etc)?
Ah yes I've got that one, it's one of the Jordan novels I believe. The one where Conan travels to Crom's Mountain and such.

I do believe that aside from that demon (which was really just the sorceror wasn't it?) the sword behaved as a normal sword right? So it's actually still in the Conan vein of "bane weapons" which are like normal weapons except in the instance of whatever that sword is the bane of, in this case...sorcerors(like any other sword really :lol:).

So yes, aside from being forged from the metal in a meteorite the sword is an ordinary sword for most practial purposes.

For campaign purposes I'd say you could have one of your PCs stumble across the sword much like Conan did (simply looking for a new weapon) or something a little spicier (such as finding it on an enemy's body or in his loot in the adventure previous). Make sure they have it handy whenever they encounter whatever "big nasty" you made for the weapon to counter and once they've dispatched it (hopefully) you can have them lose it :twisted: .

Alternatively, your use of the sword could be more central to the adventure. Say your PCs encounter an NPC is has or knows where this weapon can be found and has an idea (perhaps exaggerated?) of its power. They could send the PCs to find it/get rid of it/transport it/whatever or accompany them in whatever endeavor you set up. Perhaps they'll encounter a baddie in an otherwise mundane task who's only weakness happens to be sword which they are merely transporting? Heck, you could even have them NOT find the sword at all and have them run into something completely different (perhaps intended by the aforementioned NPC?). Maybe they'll stumble across the weapon anyways, just in a nick of time to save them from whatever horror they had just unleashed!

Oh yes, you could have fun with this one.