LW update! Thanks gooses



Hey, the dessai class is up, plus some magik items, plus the char sheet. And its quite like grey star...heck almost the same! Thanks mongoose guys!

A question:

In the second grey star book, grey star was able to use Evocation to repel, or hold back, an evil spirit sent against him by someone else, by drawing a pentacle with his staff. If its not too late, perhaps you could add that in before the book hits printers.
(while you're at it, could you make the elementalism spirit aid a little stronger? And perhaps a little more descriptive? :) Just damage = base magikal seems a little low. Perhaps you could call up an earth elemental to fight for you at higher levels?)
Actually, both of these 'omissions' were intentional.

The Dessi's Lesser Magic was in many ways just that. The Shianti have a much greater grasp of the etheric powers than even the Elder Magi. Thus, the magic taught to Grey Star was more vibrant and versatile.

Don't worry, though. I already have a 'Magic of Magnamund' suppliment planned out in my head (not that it is scheduled or even approved, so don't quote me) and Shianti magic with the kinds of additions you mentioned are in it.


P.S. The Elementalism Spirit Aid is left vague for a reason. You do want the GM to have some creativity, right? :)
Thank you. I HOPE the LW becomes a core mongoose product, I already think its going to top Conan in many ways, especially the classes. I particularly liked the way the flavor text was taken from the books.

It will be tricky how you will manage to add in that stuff in the magik book, perhaps you will do something like a 6th level and above Dessi magician can do 'so and so' additional stuff with 'so and so' discipline. Heck, I look forward to it!

Laslty, is there a difference between the Dessi Battlemage, and the Dessi magician shown in the preview? I was under the impression that dessi battlemagic was different (eg: GLOAR, flameshaft spell, shatter spell.)
Now all this can be done with sorcery and elementalism abilities of the dessi mage already, but I was just wondering.

Anyway, I so wanted to play a grey star like wizzie in the rpg and thanks for giving the opp to do so guys. Great work on the class. Bravo!! Me and my group CANNOT wait for the book and supplements!!

(oh and btw, there is a VERY MINOR spelling error in the dessi class preview. I forget exactly where, but its somewhere in the magik power's section. Hope you can catch it b4 print. Its just one word misspelled.)
Ah, one more thing I noticed...why did you guys take out the feat's from this d20 product? :wink: I am assuming to make it more simpler? Same reason armor gives bonus to AC, and not DR like in conan?

And the book is in (glossy) black and white correct?


-Oh and since we are on the subject: Do the +2 bonus from the Fighting Potion (alchemy power) stack, if potions are drunk consecutively?

-The time duration for aurasight is not given.

-Does strength/dex bonus apply to the magical combat bonus when weilding the wizards staff? btw: First time I've seen a d4, staff weilding char with a fighters BAB :shock: (rather MAB...same thing I guess, since its an effective bab for the magician) Luv it. It took courage to do it, I have to say, and I'm glad you did. :D

Sorry to bug you with these considering the book's not out, but just hoping to get somethings cleared up, and hopefully make this a class A++ product. (its class A+ right now :wink: )

Lastly, while this was addressed, I will re-iterate one last time, as a long time LW and Grey Star fan (read the orginals), it would be a good idea to slightly upp the elder arts a little bit IMO.

Especially Evocation: it offers too little, and asks for way too much. I cannot see anyone taking it as it is(except ppl like me, since I like flavor, but I too will house rule the 'pentacle ward against hostile undead' as an additional ability). Since the Kai class is so powerful, perhaps you could add a bit more to this (dessi) as well if the book is still not at the printers. And perhaps consider slightly tweaking sorcery as well, to make it more cost/benefit effective.

All of this is said with a helpful tone; I am already very pleased with the product :D . You are, as always, free to disregard all of what I have said. :(
In most d20 books, Class Descriptions do not talk about Feats unless they are Bonus Feats due to a level increase in that particular class. The fact that we have not seen Feats in these previews does not quite mean that there will be no Feats in the LW RPG.

Unless you know something I don't, and it has been said elsewhere that there will be no Feats in the LW RPG - in which case I must admit I have not seen it written, and that makes me a bit uneasy. The Feats system is the biggest reason to play d20 IMO. It allows a level of customizing your character that some of my other favorite games (e.g. Rifts) do not. Feats bridge the gap between level based systems and point based systems (which allow maximum customization) - and Feats are too central a theme of the SDR/WoTC/just about every d20 publisher I can think of. Please, tell me I'm just getting paranoid....
I assure you, there are not feats in this game. I had a hint when the kai class download came out; some of the weapon mastery abilities were like feats. Then the lw char sheet that just came out, it does not have boxes for feats.

Finally, if you are still not convinced, in the dessai class download, at the very end, there are some monster descriptions. None of the monsters have feats. Even if they normally did not have any feats, there should have been a line saying; Feats: ---, as is the norm.

While I too wish there had been feats, I'm not too bothered by it. They are trying to preserve the simplicity of the LW books. You see, many ppl who pick it up will be unaware of the LW system, they will picl this up just because they read the old books. This way, the game will be easier for them.

If you want to add feats, and if your narrator allows, you can simple add them in from some other d20 product (or the OGL).
i understand leaving the Feats out for the simplisity of the matter, but I know there is a lot that could be done with regional and Magnamund-specific Feats.

I can always fashion up my own DIY lists, I suppose....
There are no feats in Lone Wolf, The Roleplaying Game. As has been mentioned a couple of times by posters, this is for reasons of simplicity, reflecting the direct and functional style of the original books. That said, there is nothing to prevent feats being added to the game - in fact, the book has an entire section advising on how to use classic d20 rules with the Lone Wolf setting.


Personally, I agree with the design decision to remove feats in LW. This will help to keep the flavour at maximum. That's why I love Mongoose, they're ready to think outside the D20 box to come out with twists to reflect the settings they're adapting. They did a marvelous job with Babylon 5 ; just think of the lower hit points...

Anyway, since they added a whole chapter on how to use regular D20 rules, everybody should be happy... I guess.
To feat or not to feat....

We decided not to feat.

While this decision was not an easy one, it was the best fit we could find for the world. In many cases with these characters, you have a very feat-like system of optional character choises as you go up in levels. We wanted simplicity and flavour; I think we got both.

The book is almost out; I hope you enjoy it when you see it.

Given your previous records, I bet it will be astonishing, August. Really looking forward for this one. Make my day!
My group is a bit hesitant on the whole "no feat" factor, but I can't fault August's reasoning in the exclusion of a classic d20 element. After carefully reading over the Dessi class write up, I have to agree - and I am still axiously awaiting its arrival in the mail :)
I'll be honest, the first time I heard about LoneWolf was in Dragon Magazine. The one that has the short story of Lone Wolf in the Opal of Nah. I didn't read it because I'm not familiar with the series. However, I'm seeing and hearing some great stuff all over the net about it. I'd like to start reading the series, but do not know where to start. What is the first book in the series? Also does the author of the series have a website that I can check out?
Theres a thread in general forum on this website, that details a link to a site that has most of the book in this serires on the web for FREE.

While you are at it, read the grey star series as well, written by the same author (only two books so far).
Upon seeing The Opal of Nah featurette I thought the series was in novel form. I'm a bit disappointed. I don't care for choose your own adventure books anymore. When I read, I like to sit or lay down, and read from cover to cover. Oh well!
It IS in novel form as well. The original books were the choose your own adventure style, they were so popular, there was an entire novel series on it. The novels however, are not available for free.

Check out the previews mongoose has put up on the LW section, it shows two classes. See if you like them. (and remember, an rpg is not like a choose your own adventure.)

Go to http://hometown.aol.com/thogatthog/specialoffers2.html

Here you can buy PDF of all the 12 Lone Wolf novels from the author, John Grant. You can get them sent to you on CDs, or emailed to you. There are also several pricing options, whether you want to buy one, a bundle of six, or the complete dozen.