Losing combat actions and reactions (need anwer quickly)


I was wondering this. If character loses combat actions for instance, from injury, will he/she lose reactions accordingly?

If character receives a serious injury and loses 1d4 next combat actions, will he/she lose as many reactions as combat actions, or do he/she still have reactions left as normal?
I would rule he cannot react until he has his next combat action, he has just had a limb or body part incapacitated after all.

This however is not official.
My group ran into this exact dilemma and I ruled that a character does NOT lose reactions due to loss of combat actions. I believe that to deny such a badly wounded, and vulnerable, character any chance to dodge or parry his attacker is all but signing his death certificate right there. That wounded character has only reactions (and what armor he wears--dubious at best sometimes) to keep him alive.

Of course, if this unlucky character's weapon arm is damaged, I could see limiting him only to dodges...or an off-hand parry penalty. Personally speaking, if I denied wounded characters their reactions in the adventure I've been running, they'd all be dead by now! Of course, I could just be a bloodthirsty, over-zealous GM!

This is my personal opinion...I could see the argument going both ways. I think it depends on how merciful you want to be to your characters.
Fair point Chardros - you can just as easily rule they are put on the defensive, and at penalties for being on the ground etc.

Does cut both ways, the more aggressive rule also lets the players finish off people they have dropped :D
One further thought, if you do permit reactions when injured I think it would be logical to limit them to defensive reactions only, no free attacks !
so there is not, atleast for now, a general answer for that question. I was thinking that i after all permit reactions even character have lost actions. ofcourse depending of the situation. If character is on the ground he cant dodge, if shield hand is injured he cant parry with it and so on. A Little complicated but i want it to be realistic. I will discuss it with my players cos there is not any rule for that. Lets see what they make of all this
character is on the ground he cant dodge
You could allow the character a reduced dodge roll - a vain attempt to roll out of harms way.
Or allow a luck roll (roll under power) to allow the character to distract or 'talk' his opponent into gloating and delaying his strike.

Just a few thoughts, but it really depends on your style of gaming and your players.

If your messed up badly enough then I think you should lose some reactions as well as actions. Boot someone in the gut and see how fast he starts parrying your punches.

This is very cinematic this way too and happens all the time in martial arts movies. :D