Looking for some SST Minis


I checked my range of Starship Troopers minis and found out, that there are some miniatures out there, which I am still lacking, to complete my collection. Maybe someone else is annoyed by the fact, that this game died out (what a pity, so cool miniatures :cry: ) and is selling some of his miniatures.
I am looking for the following boxes/miniatures:

Skinnie Leader of Slaves
MI Fleet Landing Party
Forth Fenos (if they ever were sold to anyone)
Forth Spider (the same as above)
MI Viking Landing Boat (or Skyhook Retrieval Boat?, something like that)

If you have some of the above mentioned and want to sell it, please send me a PM with a price suggestion and if possible check out, what shipping costs to Germany for these items would cost as well. For UK and US I know most of the prices, since I get much stuff shipped from there.

Thanks a lot,