Looking for a player (roll20, evenings, UK time)


I'm an experienced GM running a mongoose 2e traveller game set in the Solomani Rim. One of the scifi nerds in our group has gone on 'paternity leave' and so we are looking for another player to bring the party up to 3 again.

The tone of the game is dark hard scifi with black humour. Adult themes and complex plots. We are running it as an open world with lots of proper traveller procedural generation over the top of a main plot.

Gameplay is fairly RP heavy but with a decent dose of traveller 'accountancy' (got to keep up those mortgage payments by finding cargo or passengers). Very little combat thus far but when it happens it's fast, deadly and terrifying.

Sessions are on roll20 at 8:30pm to 11:30ish UK time and day varies due to one player's shift pattern but we try for weekly.

This will be a long running campaign but happy to run a one shot first if you want to try out before committing. We are a friendly bunch with no preference for who joins us as long as you are a proper scifi nerd.