Looking for a group that wants to play Babylon 5!

There's a fairly interested group in College Station, TX. They are looking for someone brave enough to fill a role as GM. I would have, but the army decided to deploy my rear-end to another continent.

Send me a personal email if someone around there is interested and I'll get in touch with them for you.
Shadowscout wrote: "Why, GURPS of course. I thought I wrote that some post before... I always use GURPS - ever since I stumbled upon it, oh, 12 or so years ago."

What I'm wondering (mostly cuz I just wrote about it in the ship plans string) is whether or not you've tried to use the GURPS Traveller Era ship plans for the B5 ships? If so you might wanna check out that thread and let all us ignorant ones know how it worked for you.
pmvanova said:
I'm in San Diego looking for gamers to try out this system. (It's not irradiated yet, but with the recent fires blowing smoke down here...it's looking like it)
It's hard enough trying to find ANY gamers in San Diego, let alone anyone who knows about B5.

Hey, there's plenty of us here! Lots of different groups playing a whole lot of games (mostly D&D). My group plays mostly Fading Suns, Hero games, and DP9 stuff-with Conan or Cybernet forthcoming.

I would like to play some B5. I don't want to GM it though. Might be able to get another player or 2. PM me.

And hope you made it through the fires in one peice.
Just putting my name on the list looking for a group to run/play in. I live in the Louisville, KY area. Just do a reply on the forums.
OK, well here goes...

Anyone out there running a game around San Antonio, Texas? Hey, I might go as far as Austin! Anyone? Anyone?

[Listens for the sound of chirping crickets]

Currently running a game in College Station.....from Kosovo.

I'm getting my players to set up characters and then I am going to develop backgrounds with them while I am deployed. It'll get much more fun when I get back to Texas.
Great to see my starting post has lead to many other posting there games as well. Come on peolple keep posting.

I still am looking for a game. However i am no longer in Salem, Oregon. I am now in Portland, Oregon. So anyone out there?
Anyone from Birmingham, UK drop me a line at onemoreninja@yahoo.co.uk if you're up for a game (I'll warn now on the offchance there is someone, that I'm still new to RPG)
ShadowScout said:
...(translating all the great Mongoose stuff into our choosen game system is fun, but also quite a bit of work...

I've been thinking of porting into the Decipher system; it's a nice combo of d20, but with better probability mechanics.

Oh,and we're in Albuquerque, NM; always looking for new people...
In Victoria Texas. I do not have a dedicated group to play Babylon 5, but would like to see if I could get one.

(I am very interested in seeing the Gurps Babylon 5 information.)
I'm in the UK; Bromsgrove/ Stourbridge/Dudley/ Halesowen; that neck of the woods. Would prefer to GM (am control freak); prefers character driven games with a bit of violence thrown in for variety.