Looking for a group that wants to play Babylon 5!


Looking for a group that wants to play Babylon 5 in Salem, Oregon. I am more intrested in playing, but I will run.

I am sorry if people do not think this is an apropriate place to ask this, however i know of none better. If you do let me know.
This might be aa good a place to list locations and who to get in touch with for those who are looking for local games as any.

My campaign is in North West Panhandle of Florida.

I'd be interested in playing in a PBEM game.

I am running a bi-weekly game in Northwest NJ
Unfortunatly, I only have 3 players right now and one of them has an odd working schedule.
So, if anyone is interested feel free to contact me.
I'm interested in joining up in a Babylon 5 game. I live in Columbus Ohio.
I'm in San Diego looking for gamers to try out this system. (It's not irradiated yet, but with the recent fires blowing smoke down here...it's looking like it)
It's hard enough trying to find ANY gamers in San Diego, let alone anyone who knows about B5.
I am responding to you with a private mail message with an e-mail address of a B5 rpg group in your area. I will be happy to provide you with any information you need about our location and game sessions.

mdraconis :D
Hertfordshire UK here... (just north of London!)
I'm writing a campaign to run alongside the established B5 storyline.
Players can be from almost any background, since the inital hook is valid for all empires, and do not necessarily even have to work together ;)
The only hint I will give is that in the season 1 campaign, the events of Babylon Squared will have an impact on the storyline...
Players will be able to influence the established story arc should the situation allow, but should not go out of their way to try to do so.
The campaign will be more about storytelling and role playing than combat - peaceful solutions will generally bring the greater benefits.
Anybody interested, give me a shout
Unfortunately my game has fallen by the wayside due to odd hours of one of my players.

If I can get a couple more players I would start up again. Anyone in the Cambridgeshire (UK) area out there interested in playing (or even running if it comes to it) ?
Lesandira said:
But there are not that many B5 players here in Austria
And the few that Are seem to be scattered all over the country. Hey, at least I already got one who wants to play a narn once I manage to get the campaign playable again (translating all the great Mongoose stuff into our choosen game system is fun, but also quite a bit of work...)
ShadowScout said:
(translating all the great Mongoose stuff into our choosen game system is fun, but also quite a bit of work...)

Roman, what system are you using? Curiosity more than anything else :)

I know should I get chance to run B5 again, it won't be straight from the book B5 d20 due to a couple of my irks with d20, but I'm loathe to go back to Traveller style mechanics now.

So more looking to what floats your boat and why :)
frobisher said:
ShadowScout said:
(translating all the great Mongoose stuff into our choosen game system is fun, but also quite a bit of work...)
Roman, what system are you using? Curiosity more than anything else :)
Though this is a bit OT here in this thread, I am curious about your alternate system for B5, too.

After running straight B5-d20 for a while, we are planning to switch to the Fuzion-System, as there already exists some material on a B5-Fuzion-Conversion on the web to build upon.
frobisher said:
Roman, what system are you using? Curiosity more than anything else
Why, GURPS of course. I thought I wrote that some post before... I always use GURPS - ever since I stumbled upon it, oh, 12 or so years ago.
I just really like the way it provides lots of possibilities for Any BG story - you just need one system to learn. And a GM can make it as complex or easy as he desires, adding or ignoring rules as he wants or needs. And it provides many examples to spin your own stuff from (a PPG isn't Quite a Plasma Blaster, but similar enough that you can start with those stats and adjust them to catch the feel from the show...), as well as costimization possibilities for the provided stuff (enhancements and limitations for advantages, psionics, etc.) And of course the "free character generation", where you can build the character as you imagine them (within the allowed points limit of course - but I loove the thought of taking disadvantages for extra points to spend; it just is soo nice to have characters with built-in imperfetions...).
I have some experience with translating stuff to GURPS already - did Dragonlance and Ravenloft, Battletech and Shadowrun and experienced StarTrek and Warhammer (yees, a few of my friends also translate stuff into GURPS - we all like that system)
But it's slow going, which also comes from me being a perfectionist, and waiting for Mongoose stuff before I get to the final version - I just hate the thought of getting contradicted by published material - there's always a player who gets those supplements too eventually, and then gives me grief about it... hope they won't throw the bit of BG extensions I had to write for the Dilgar and some completely original stuff for a race (actually two races if one were to be nitpicking) of Valen's War ShadowMinions by accident - sure I could make the adventure idea I had for a later stage of my campaign "alternate reality", but I'd like to have as little clashes with established BG as possible... so I'm gonna wait with the restart of my campaign until Mongoose has at least done the big four, and maybe the Shadows (so I can make lots of alterations from the stuff I spun based on the rather limited info I had from the CEE game and the Sierra CD-rom - and from B5W of course, who even though they were more interested in the ships did a great job spinning together the histories - well, mostly, they also had their blunders... but then, who doesn't? If I had made all that stuff, I'd have avoided what I see as their errors, sure, I can say that... but I'm certain I'd have made twice as many of my own).
Also, you can pick up GURPS Lite from them and it's free.

One thing that I don't recall GURPS having that I've seen in a few games is someting like action dice in Spycraft.

Good grief someone who actively converts to GURPS? Wow, why didn't you tell me this stuff when I was taking college algebra? :wink:
I'm starting a game in Perth, Western Australia in roughly a week and a half, so if anyone out there lives here (NO ONE commutes to Perth!) I'm looking for players.

Incidentally, I'm setting it on the Hector, a modified Omega. PCs will be bridge crew. It's a scout variant, designed to fill in the gap between the Oracle (not many survived the E-M War after all) and the Delphi. In B5W terms it has an Oracle's secondary sensor pod mounted on it's nose in place of the two Heavy Pulse Cannons and two of the broadside Standard Particle Beams (all are Alphas, and thus retain the Heavy Lasers), and has Elint capability; for B5RPG the SQ Elint is attached.

I actually don't figure on this being a very successful variant, with only three conversions taking place, the Hector, Jason and Ulysses. But Earth Force would have done something to fill the hole in it's order of battle.
That's kewl, another thing people could convert to a stop-gap ELINT ship is the Aegis Hyperion, it has a couple sensor pods on it in a failed attempt to create an anti-fighter ship or something like that, I don't remember off the top of my head.

Just take the Aegis pods and convert them to normal sensor pods, you won't get a great rating but it'll be as good or better than anything else you can find in the fleet until the Delphi is comissioned.
Hey Roman , Could you lend me a hand? I am currently working on a supplement on weapons & armour for the B5 RPG , and I am in dire need of descriptions of some weapons and armours that could appear in the old Sierra CD-Rom . Any description (as limited as can be) ans some images would be a great help .
Sorry to bring this two-month old thread back from the dead. I'm a new member and wondering if there are any games in the northwest Ohio, northeast Indiana, or southern Michigan USA area.
PBEM game.

Yahoo group b5_rpg

This is not a "Go find a treasure", "Explore an abandoned ship", one shot module.

It is very open with PCs doing different things at different locations.

Drop me a line if you'd like to join.