Lone Wolf website?


I'm in a Lone Wolf posting mood.

Heres an idea/question. Is mongoose planning on putting up a lone wolf website like their conan site? If so, (which is great!) I have an idea. Maybe August and the guys could add web enhancements online of stuff that didn't make it into the book! It'd be great.

Also, maybe you guys might be able to post stats, prestiege classes, expansion rules online. Basically bits and pieces that don't belong in a particular rule book but would be cool to make up!

Just an idea. Cuz as it looks there won't be many books comming out anytime soon after the darklands is released. I def. think its nifty! I myself plan on writing up some proposals for signs and portents to see if I can get published.

Hi guys,

Our web site is currently undergoing a _lot_ of revision right now. When done, Lone Wolf will indeed have its own section on the Site!
Is the web site revised yet?! :D *takes a look*

Aww. :(


And now? :D *takes a look*

Repeat ad nauseam ...

Paido, very patient. For about 3 seconds. :wink: