Lone Wolf RPG - Who's Drooling?

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Let's say I have to drink several gallons of water per hour these days. :lol:
And the preview on the Kai Lord is dead on. They even renamed "hit points" to "endurance" as in the old books. Neat!
Got a copy on pre-order at amazon...
Glad to hear it, redlaco. We want to make sure this is the game you have been waiting for. It's been twenty years now and counting, so the wait has been considerable, but it's almost here...

-August (Kai Lord Night Raven during the playtest)
I'm sure you will make me happy again, just as you keep doing with B5 and the other books I've bought so far. My last one is the Pocket Player's Handbook and let me tell you August: this is a gem. I will definitely get the Modern one as well. :)
The text on the mongoose website goes into quite a bit of detail about the fantasy world.

Qucklink to site

If I remember my history correctly, Denver (The author), used it as his World for Game Mastering, then turned it into a choose your own adventure style book. (Back when they were popular) Lots of awesome novels later . . . Ta DA, a cult classic. If you would like to read any of the first 15 books (I think they have coverted that many of them) You can check them out online at:


It was a really cool idea, and I am glad Denver okayed putting them up in html form.

Hope that enlightens ya,
Very glad to hear it, redlaco. I am sure you will not be disappointed by the Modern Handbook; it's a great reference for playing d20 games in any genre.

As for Lone Wolf, it is a fantasy game first created by Joe Dever (with great art from Gary Chalk). Psyclonejack's post handles the intro fine. Thanks, man!

Thanks. I might have to pick it up then. I had seen the Mongoose page but after reading it I was still uncertain just what kind of setting it was. I just don't like tech in my fantasy. Picky that way I guess.

Magnamund (Lone Wolf setting) is pretty high fantasy, which mean you'll find plenty of big evil monsters and flashy magic. Among the "good guys", here is three archetypes :

  • Kai Lords (Ranger type) : Imagine Aragorn with more psionic powers.
    Sommerlund Knights of the Realm : Typical noble chivalric order of the Round table flavour
    Magicians of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star : Mix Merlin and Gandalf
Also the great black-winged beasts reminds us of the fell beasts of Tolkien, and their riders looks and feels like the ring wraiths. So if you love Lord of the Rings (who doesn't), you'll probably feel right at home with Lone Wolf.
There is a wee tiny bit of tech in the southern country of Bor, inhabited by dwarves. The dwarves have guns and stuff, but don't use them all that often - much like guns in the Medieval period. And come to think of it, the dwarves of Bor are an inspiration for the dwarves IMC. The Drakkarim of the Darklands have ironclad warships and that (though don't know if they do in the RPG, to be fair) at the time of the original books, and some races (I'm thinking mainly the crocaryx [dragonfolk]) have gun-like weapons. But really no tech beyond that which you could find in any other DnD setting - definitely a steampunk setting, by any means.
Oh yes...I've been drooling for this since I was little and read the books. Oh that was so long ago...finally Lone Wolf has come around again....finally it has come around again....
A Lone Wolf Rpg? :shock:

We wantss it, my preciousss! :D

Hopefully I can delay moving under a mountain and loosing almost all of my hair before it's available! (Next month, I know, but time tends to be relative. Or so I heard ...)

P.S.: Would have voted, but the poll seems to be closed. Oh, well.
Oh yes...now I just hope there will be a shianti wizard class like the Grey Star books (LW spinoff). The intro blurb only mentions 'delve into the lore of the Shianti). From this it is hard to infer if they mean magikal items, or a full fledged class...that would be great. Their powers are so flavor full; evocation(a form of necromancy), elementalism, alchemy, etc etc

If only I could have official confirmation, just a line that would say YES, Shianti are IN. (Is it really too much to ask?) :(
Okay, you want an official word, you got it.

The Shianti are of course mentioned, but their magic is not precisely in the book as an official "I can play a Mage like Grey Star" way. You will see a great deal of similarity between them and the Dessi (as their magic comes from the same source in many ways), but Grey Star was a very unique case...

That said, it would make for a wonderful magazine article or even as part of a Magic of Magnamund sourcebook. Hmmm....

Hey thanks for the reply guys. I already knew the battlmage of the dessai would be in. I have to admit I am a little dissapointed that grey star s like wizards will not be included, since I was loking forward to playing one,but that is ok. Maybe you could, like you said, add it in as a core class in a future supplement, or what have you.

I'm already won over by the Kai class; looking forward to seeing the Crystal Star mage and the Dessai Battlemage. If its already at the printers, then its on time for a scehduled release. Good stuff.