Conan 2e d20 RPG errata and FAQ

I am very sorry, but we cannot post those any more - you might be able to find an archive somewhere online from a dedicated fan maybe?
Thanks Matt. I was given a link to the info below. Can you confirm that this is the only errata Mongoose provided or should i search for a more recent document? Thanks!

1. The bardiche does 1d10+1d8 damage. (Page 148.)
2. An Akbitanan greatsword should do the same damage as a normal greatsword: 1d10+1d8 instead of 2d10. (Page 153.)
3. The martial weapons table on page 148 is missing the ranged weapons. They should be as follows:

Weapon Cost Damage Critical Armour Piercing Range Increment Hardness Hit Points Weight Type Ranged Weapons Arbalest 15 sp 2d8 ×2 6** 70 ft. 6 5 20 lb. Piercing Bolts (10) 3 sp — — — — 5 1 2 lb. — Crossbow 12 sp 2d6 ×2 4** 60 ft. 5 4 15 lb. Piercing Bolts (10) 2 sp — — — — 5 1 1 lb. —
thanks again. hopefully someone can confirm.

can someone also tell me the damage the Bossonian Longbow does? on the table on page 151 it lists 1d12 but the example on page 147 about strength ratings lists it as 1d10.