Lone Wolf RPG Map

blue crane

Dear Sir,

Is there any way of obtaining a loose copy of the map contained within the rulebook? I have tried unsuccessfully to remove mine but have ended up tearing it....

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Blue Crane
Which would make it great to have a loose map available. I have found with my own campaigns (not of Lone Wolf, but my own homecooked efforts) that having a map around on the wall or secured on card makes for a great tool - allowing you to pick out locations with push pins and visualise the way journeys might pan out and what encounters could be required as a result.
Anonymous said:
I think it's meant to stay in the cover...

It's definitely meant to stay in the cover, which is why it's so securely glued Maps that are meant to be removed are inevitably loosely fastened with a few points of that clear, sticky, rubbery glue, or perforated along the edge.

toothill man said:
there is a nice map as a pdf on the freebies for lone wolf so stopping book mutalating 8)

Yep, if you check at Lone Wolf Online they've got all the maps from the gamebooks and most of the illustrations available for download (and Gary Chalk's old Lone Wolf maps just oooze fantasy atmosphere, they really help players get into the feeling of living in Magnamund :)).