Lone Wolf fiction


I was just curious to know if mongoose was considering doing some new novels for the series etc.... I'm pretty new to the whole Lone Wolf deal and have never read any of the earlier fiction that was written.

I don't see why not. So many other RPG settings have inspired novels (forgotten realms, dragonlance, warhammer, legend of five rings), and Lone Wolf is so much better.

Now in true fan-boy fashion, let me say a computer rpg would be awesome
As cool as that would be, I'm sure there are liscensing issues about that. Fan-fic is one thing since no one makes a profit off of it, but usually getting the rights to make a game for anything (robotech, LW/GS, etc) only gives permission to release that game, and not any related works unless the deal originally included such secondary releases within....

...er, something like that, right?
You know how all those LOTR computer games came out when the movies did? And how Vivendi got the rights to make games based on the actual books, while EA got the rights to make games based on the movies?Would it be possible for a game to be based on the Mongoose books instead of the original books?

And anyway, has anyone asked Joe Dever about making computer games? I sure don't want to rip him off after the years of enjoyment I got from Lone Wolf and company. Not that I know the man or anything, but I can't imagine he would have any objections.

I know there is an older Lone Wolf game available for download from the Underdogs website (I think it's just an old fashioned little side-scroller).

Ha, I remember when I first got Ultima V (my very first computer game EVER), I loved the game so much, and also being a LW fan, I wrote a letter to Origin suggesting they make a similar game based on Lone Wolf.
Well, the reason I asked was it's set 50 years before the first book. Plus I also remember that the Starship troopers game will have new novels for that rpg line. It would be nice to read some new novels for the series since all the others are out of print. I hope it does mean new fiction from the mongoose guys.

I believe Joe Dever had been trying to get a games company to pick up Lone Wolf. He works in the game industry himself now. See this interview.