Here's a Psi chart I've worked on...

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Banded Mongoose
I worked on this chart for expanding Psionics a while back. Some of it is self-explanatory. Like Translate - if you can read someone's mind, you can Translate their thoughts. I never got around to finishing it, so a bunch of Cost and Time Required are missing. But this is an extension of the chart from The Traveller Book and includes powers and ideas from Mongoose, , MegaTraveller, The New Era, T4, Alternity, Aeon Trinity, and even novels which have Psionics of some sort.

If you come up with Cost and Time for a power, please post them here so some other Travellers can use them

Also, here's an article on my blog for other ideas, too.

More 'flavor' for your Psionics


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There should be 3 times required, one for taking your time (giving you a +2) and one for rushing (giving a -2). Though some psions that are very quick.

You have the assault cost as 10 - it is 8. It may have changed between editions.

Is the time required the time to cast or the duration? I assume the former, a duration column would be useful.