Lone Wolf Expanded Bestiary


While the Bestiary included in the LW sourcebook has several exciting creatures to unleash on my players, it really is lacking in variety. I have read all 20 US released LW books (and all 5 of the Greystar books), and I know there were far more then just 42 different types of foes (we often fought Drakkarim and other standard fare evil creatures). I'm waiting for my copy of The Darklands to arrive (already have Magic of Magnamund), hopefully that will add some more critters to the pot.

Any idea if an expanded bestiary is scheduled to come out? Anyone know of any fan-based material out there regarding this? I thought that it would be possible to just go through each of the books, jot down the description and stats for each monster, and then using all the other D20 sourcebooks as guides create stats for each of these...but what a hellish amount of work!

I suppose if nothing exists and is likely to exist for a while, I might find the time to at least get started on one...anyone else have any interest in helping?
Darklands has a nice variety of critters. Most are very powerful though, and are best reserved for higer level pc's.

In a pinch you can always use the OGL mosters from opengamingfountation.org