Lone Wolf character sheet


Hello guys,

As I promised a few days ago in another thread, I worked hard to complete my own character sheet for the Lone Wolf game :)

So, if you're interested (or just curious), stop by http://www.emass-web.com and grab it! :wink:
Great sheet, just some modifications you may want to include for future releases.

A separate proficiency for Sommelund great Shield

And, instead of putting Tiers for Brotherhood magics (since they can use all 3 tiers as soon as they get the spell), how about a tick box for Magical Expertise.

Other than those changes, an excellent character sheet (I'll be using it even if you don't incorporate the changes) :D
Great sheet! Definately going to use this for my group. LOVE the abilities page, though I will agree with robertib about the tiers of magic for Brotherhood Mages, minor as that is.

Great sheet! I'm glad you listed your site. Wonderful character sheets!

Great work again emass, I already use your Star Wars sheet and will definitely use your LW version. Nice ! :D
Guys, thanks a lot everybody for your appreciation 8)
As usual, you are very supportive, and your ideas for fixes are really good ones, so I already implemented them!!

Version 1.1 features the "corrected" Brotherhood spells, as well as the Greatshield proficiency... sorry you'll have to download the sheet again :wink:
Wow. That was quick! I just printed the first version. Heh. Here I go to download the second.

And a great sheet it is, by the way!

I haven't even seen it yet, but I know your 3.5 and Rifts sheets are great... So thanks in advance for finishing the job so quick! My players will thank you for it!!!
EDIT: okay, this can't be some practical joke, but for some reason when the page loads, I cannot see/find the LW sheet - everything else is there, but no LW....
Most peculiar...
Great sheet, Ema. I like the look of it and the combat sections. I prefer Mongoose's sheet section on class abilities, with plenty of room for notes.

A dilema!
Wow, looks really good! Especially liked the illustrations from the old gamebooks you added to the character sheet, e.g. the chainmail coat, the meals and the belt pouch (have done that myself for my modified action sheets for the gamebooks).

I'll have to return and raid your site for more character sheets, as it seems ... :D

Paido, always in favour of aesthetically pleasing character sheets
Yup, great sheet as ever Emass

i noticed you'd put a GM screen for Star Wars up too, many thanks for that also :)

Why game companies don't employ you to do their official character sheets is beyond me.

One minor point - by the Mongoose rules, characters have two pouch spaces in addition to their 8 backpack spots.
Thanks for all the compliments, guys!! :D

As for belt pouches, SableWyvern, it's true that on page 116 the book says:
...two items in pouches on his belt, one in either hand and up to eight items in the Backpack
But later on the same page it also says:
Items that are usually attached to a belt or kept in belt pouches are considered Special Items
That's why I didn't add a "Pouches" space, as it would have been redundant...
LOL! :lol:

Instead, regarding being employed by game companies, I'd love to!!!
No one has ever asked me so far, but I would be more than willing <...hint, hint...> :wink:
Neo said:
i noticed you'd put a GM screen for Star Wars up too, many thanks for that also :)
Good Lord ! I've been looking for a good one for ages! Thanks emass; I will gladly replace my feeble attempt by your masterful work. :)
And thanks to Neo for pointing that out.