Literacy Question / Raise Corpse confusion


Just got the book and while I haven't read it thorougly yet, I'm a bit confused about literacy. There doesn't seem to be a way to purchase languages or literacy with skill points. Am I mistaken about this? Are all characters assumed to be literate? illiterate? What's the deal?

Oh, on a completely unrelated matter, the Raise Corpse spell is confusing. One line says that zomies fall into lifeless heeps when the spell ends (after concentration + 1d6 rounds). Another line says that zombies remain animated until they are destroyed. Can't be both.

I like the book, but man there are a lot of typos.
Literacy costs two skill points; Commoners (Khaurani) are not literate, though they may speak several languages. Literacy is assumed in any languages known for adventurers.
Hopefully you will have read more in the RACES section by now so you would know which races start the game literate or not.

With Raise Dead it is an either or statement, whichever comes first.