"like the refrences to rolling for your DV"



Someone was explaining a rule about parrying when they made the statement "like the refrences to rolling for your DV". He was stating that the rule was left out or extremely unclear from playtesting. My question is...what exactly does this mean in reference to Rolling for DV??
Simply put:

Instead of just adding +10 to your DV when you dodge or parry, you let the player defending roll a d20 and add the result.

The average will be the same (10) but you ad the element of excitement and uncertainity about your defensive capabilities.

You could roll a 1....
and you could roll a 20...

I'll use this variant myself cause I like the feeling when both combatants compare rolls to see what happens.

Heh, since I was the guy who made that post I guess I'll explain what I meant. :lol:

As GostWolf explained, rolling for your defense is a variant rule where your defense is d20 + bonuses instead of 10 + bonuses. This is a variant that many dnd groups have been fond of over the years and many otheres have loathed.

Since Conan has been released it has been confirmed for us by playtesters that durring the development phase the designers had rolling for DV as the default core mechanic (guess they figgured it would make combat more lethal and tense). However, before the book went to press they decided to change it back to 10 + bonuses (probably for the sake of simplicity and faster play). This is clearly spelled out on p 159.

However, due to the god-awful proofreading/editing process that this book went through (dear lord I love this book, but proofreading errors make Buddy Jesus cry :( ) you can still find many refrences to "rolling for your DV" scatterecd throught the book. These are artifacts left over from an earlier version that were not cleaned up.

The point of all this being that the rules in this book can be verry confusing if you do not stay on the ball, read closely, and really think about the contex of what you are reading.

Clear as mud? :D
Ok, this clears things up alot. I've never heard of this varient...but it's interesting... As a side note though, I'd never use d6's for it...I'm a d20 convert and I'll use that 20 sided die until they create something different :)

Thanks all!
I can tell you from my experience, rolling for D20 was too time consuming. I tried it for the same reasons, not only did it take a loooong time, but it was way harder for me as the GM, because you have to constantly see what they role for DV. Especially with multiple opponents. With one or two it may be OK, but in my experience it was better at 10 +

my 2 cents