Last hurrah and a final shoutout


Well, for weeks now, i had been saying that I was going to wait until I finally saw the SRD before making my final decision on whether or not MRQ is the game I was hoping it would be. The other day, the public SRD was made available, and I spend much of the intervening time poring through it, getting a feel for the game mechanics and seeing if this is a game I want to spend my coin on.

Unfortunately, as I had grown to suspect over the last two months or so, it's just not the game for me. However, it is otherwise a perfectly serviceable RPG, and I wish Mongoose the best of luck. I also wish the authors and poential authors i've met here on the boards the best of luck as well.

To those folks I've had the opportunity to talk, debate and argue with, good luck to you all as well, and may your dice always roll true. :) Disregarding the rather sudden influx of neophyte posters a week or two ago, the posts here on the boards have been some of the best I've seen, full of sharp debate, engaging arguments and interesting conjecture.

I may pop in once and a while to see if there are any new developments that pique my interest (such as NovaQuest or the cooperative world project), but otherwise, there's not much else here to draw my interest, so I'll be heading out. Perhaps I'll digitally see you all elsewhere, though. :D
I know some people are working on OGL ways to make the game more 1/2/3rd edition RuneQuesty, so I hope some time in the future there'll be enough changes to bring you back into the fold :)

In the meantime, I hope you find "your" game out there somewhere, and please let it be anything, anything, utterly anything other than d20 ;)

You'll be back, you know there's no permanent escape...

(seriously, anything else, just not d20)
You might want to wait and see how the game looks affter the Companion comes out. THat is what I've been doing. It might make a difference with the game.

We need "old guarders" around.
Well, some of the "new posters" are, like me, new to the boards, not new to RQ. Truth be told, I've run a hundred times as much EQ as RQ... but the differences are few.

I do like the 5xPOW% chance of 2 AP from a metal bauble in EQ...
Goodbye SteveMND,

I'll miss your posts - you are wise beyond your years. Actually, I have no idea how old you are, but you're wise beyond the axe-wielding maniac in the picture that represents you.... I hope.

Maybe see you at a Chaosium D100 forum someday soon. If there ever is one.

Cheerio SteveMND, and see you around digitally elsewhere doubtless!

I too have bowed out of these forums over the past 2 weeks, with a similar wry smile and gentle disappointment. I wish everyone a good time with the new Mongoose RPG (I'm not going to call it RuneQuest - IMHO it just isn't, it's % D20). Good campaigning to all, and may your percentile dice always roll true!

I'll lurk every blue moon to see how the Gloranthan source material is coming on.

Hopefully Mongoose will breathe a sigh of relief now the "old" RQers are moving on! Now - onto the new BRP!


AKAramis said:
Well, some of the "new posters" are, like me, new to the boards, not new to RQ.
Pretty good description of me too.

I'd never visited the Mongoose forums until MRQ. I have been playing and running RuneQuest since I bought the GW produced purple box version of RQ2.

Good luck to SteveMND and sarahnewton, but this "old" RQer is staying (although I will be buying BRP as well ;)).
Thanks guys, but I'm afraid the Companion wouldn't be enough for me to stick around for. The core rules of the new system simply aren't for me, and so I don't see any reason why options and add-ons for those core rules would somehow make the base more palatable. :)

As I've said before, I didn't really have any dog in this race. RQ3 has served me faithfully for many years now, and in my experience, it's still the best RPG system out there. With the announcement of MRQ, I was hoping for an updated version of the classic, but there were too many changes and far too much "D&D-ification" in the game rules for my liking. I'm glad other people have embraced the new game, but for me, it didn't offer anything more than I was already getting out of RQ3, and instead, introduced many things I didn't like.

That said, the last couple of months have gotten me to thinking about my own campaign setting, my own RPG rules, and other aspects of gaming I had put on the back burner for years, so I can't really complain. :)