Forgive my ignorance, but I saw a couple of references to a people (I assume they are people) called the Krorn (in the entries for The Hammerlands and The Hardlands), and I don't remember seeing them anywhere else. It's been a while since I read the gamebooks (although this sourcebook has inspired me to re-read them), and I admit I haven't read the entire LW:TRPG book yet, but who the heck are the Krorn and where are they from? And which books do they appear in?
Was about to post my answer here, but then realized that there's a better place for it. (After all, it won't do to scatter posts about one common topic all over the place ... :wink:) So here's a signpost you can follow to the answer you seek. Hope that's okay for you? :D

BTW, that thread I pointed you at named the creatures described in the core rules, and the Krorn weren't listed. So it's probably no wonder you didn't find a description ...

Paido, who wouldn't have known without some research