I hope that someday Mongoose will release an expansion about post-Darklords Magnamund and Kai Grand Master epic levels (even though I prefer the MS 5000 setting, when they do not exist yet). In the meantime,
having nothing better to do, I adapted the Discipline of Kai-Surge (since it is the easiest for this task) to the rules of the LWRPG. Comments and critics will be appreciated.

Tier I: A Kai Grand Master with Kai-surge can add his Tier to his Psychic Attack roll and to the DC of his Stun attack.
Tier II: A Kai Grand Master can engage in psychic combat up to three enemies at the same time. The WP cost will remain the same, as if he was using a single Attack (or Stun attack).
Tier III: Kai-Blast By spending 5 Endurance Points, Kai Grand Masters can triple the damage of their Psychic Attack. This ability cannot be used in conjunction with any other Psychic action (Tier II of Kai-Surge included), nor when a Kai GM's Endurance is lower then 10 points.
Tier IV: As a full-round action, Kai Grand Masters can focus ther mind on a non-magic object made of glass or ceramic to make it explode violently. Any creature within 10 feet will suffer 5d8 slashing and piercing damage (DC 20 Reflex save for half damage). This ability can be used once per day per points of Intelligence modifier (minimum of once per day).
Tier V: Kai-Ray This ability works like Kai-Blast, with the same restrictions. The only difference being its fixed amount of damage, equal to 30 points.
It looks good; I think perhaps that tier 4's damage should be lessened. It is not really used as a powerful attack. Perhaps you could rework it to give a better chance of sundering objects.
You're right. Maybe I should tune it down to 4d6, even though I remember Lone Wolf using it to instantly kill a poor hound of Vikkak. Maybe it should also double the effect of Shattering Psyche on objects.
Thanks for your suggestion!
I like this, with your permission I'll use it in the Grandmaster Disciplines I am slowly working on. I think you did a much better job then I did :)
Personally, I would like to see the epic disciplines be EPIC. I mean, with tier 4 of psiblast, Kai lords would be at the very least 24th level. Ever see what a 24st level wizard can do with epic spellcasting? A major power jump would be appropriate in my opinion.
Silent Wolf: Of course you are free to use it. Thanks for your kind words. :)

Stormgod: A good compromise could be 4d6 of damage (it's roughly the same of a keg of boom powder) when used on small objects like bottles or windows, 5d8 (and 20 feet of range) when used on bigger objetcs like near human-sized statues. This would be at the expense of simplicity though. In addition, this ability does not cost any Endurance and its range is the same of the Psychic Attack, as described in the rulebook.
Nyaxator, I like that solution.

It's hard to balance the effect as a concept with the effect as a 24th level Disciple (ie, the description doesn't give the impression off huge power, but the level at which it is obtained would indicate potency is necessary).

The variable damage you suggest, plus some sundering capability, would make for a nice ability, I think.