Judge Dredd & Money?


hello my fellow judges !!!!

i have a question and hope you can help me out with an answer :)

my JD rulebook says that Judges get no money (without any spare time that shouldn't be a problem anyway *g*)


in a JD comic i saw Dredd pay his informant Max Norm about 10000 Credits for information about some perps.

where got he that big amount of money from ?

AND....Dredd has an italian "maid" for his flat... i don't think she is doing this for free :)

thnx for help
Welcome to the forums Judge Mordo.

You are reading older comics though, and Mega-City One has changed a lot since those early days. Judges sometimes lived in apartments, and Dredd not only had a maid, but a robot too. However, that was all back before the Apcalypse war, and the city is worse than ever now.

I think that money to pay an informant just comes from the Justice Department itself. Judge Dredd is in a position where he can pretty much get funds for anything, though occasionaly an accountant tries to argue with him.

thnx for the warm welcome Arabin :)

how do you handle the spare time / money thing in your game ?

i like the fact that my players don't bother me with buying some new gadget they found in a sourcebook (i play RPGs for over 12 years now....and if you know Shadowrun you know what i mean *ggg*)

they have their standard justice department equipment and that is it. only rarely they lay their hands on special things (like in part III of the Kazan Gambit....you need bigger guns ? here they are my son").
I don't actually play any more as my rpg group fell apart, but I used to not really deal with money at all. If the judges had need of something, they had to submit the paperwork, and sometimes I would pass it through the system (control would call them and say the item is ready for pickup) or sometimes they would get quizzed by an accountant from Justice Department about exactly why they needed to waste so much money.

Spare time never came up either. My games were not so much living the life of a judge, but working the job of one. Each session began with a debriefing at Sector House before the judges headed out. Of course, quite often the session would not be complete so we'd pick up where we left off after a brief recap.

I hope that helps.

i handle it the same way :) no spare time...just the job :)

no money....just a SOB as quartermaster. so its hard to get the gadgets.
Judges don't get paid for the job that they do as such, but the coffers of the Mega-City One Justice Department sets aside a budget for paying off informants, narks and other underworld types who help out with vital information that will most often lead to the arrest of far more serious criminals.

Hope this helps,
Dredd Times said:
Judges don't get paid for the job that they do as such

i knew this...so i was quite confused seeing Dredd with so many credits. i wasn't sure if i missed something from a comic (i have many...but with many missing in between...so it's quite incomplete).

anyway....thank u Marc / Arabin for trying to help some "Kraut" :)
Judge Morbo said:
i handle it the same way :) no spare time...just the job :)

no money....just a SOB as quartermaster. so its hard to get the gadgets.

Sounds good to me. The players are pretty powerful anyway, so no need to make it too easy for them.

I remember running Full Eagle Day, (designed for 4 or 5 players I think) and I ran it with just three judges. I didn't scale the last combat in the module, and my players were very close to dying.

They have to request money from Accounts Division - and they need to justify every cred of it, both when requesting and when reporting what it was spent on.

Some senior Judges have apartments - this is so that the Blocks they live in have a Judge on-site - good for the morale of the innocent(!) citizens and good for discipline and order amongst the less law-abiding ones. If a Judge is assigned an apartment, he or she has to attend BlockResidents Meetings on a fairly regular basis. One ortwo Dredd stories deal with this, but nothing in-depth so I'd suggest go with whatever suits your style of play.

It is not unusual for Judges who have been assigned apartments to have cleaners or servo-droids - what Judge has the time to do his own housework or laundry? Servo-droids, if played right, can be a constant nuisance a-la Walter the Wobot - turning up during gunfights to make sure thier master has had breakfast and so on...

When my Judges get to senior Judge Status, I usually 'reward' them with a Citi-Block Apartment and a roboservant - the players love the status but soon come to realise this is actually a hassle - especially on the notable occasion where I have a players apartment burgled whilst he was out busting perps, and his spare uniform had gone missing... the SJS wanted to know why he had been so careless, and if it wasn't all part of some corrupt plotthe player had going on with local Jimping gangs!
LOL, I would love to play in your campaign Numanti. I love some of the stories you tell, and you really weave a fun tale.

Have you thought about writing up some of your adventures and submitting them as novels to Blackflame, or if they are short, the Megazine prints stories too...

thnx Numanti !

i think your players have a lot of fun with you as GM (even if they won't admit it for all the nuisance *ggg*).

great ideas and a lot of "insight". thnx for your advice and help !!!!