My Luna 1 Dredd Conversion

I've had a couple of Judge Dredd Heroclix hanging around for a while and I've been trying to think of what to do with them. I thought maybe to make the Zombie Dredd that the Judge Child clone summoned up (Prog four hundred something, maybe 477?), and I thought to clip the bits off and make the Dark Judge that the Dark Judges turned The Joker into, and I thought of a few more things that seemed a bit too involved for me to tear myself away from other projects to start.

Well, a friend gave me some of the old Eagle Comics Dredds (even though I have a lot of the B&W complete case files, it's neat to have a few colored issues around.) and they were sitting in a stack next to my work desk and I saw Luna 1 Dredd on the cover and figured that would be something easy enough to do in an evening.

So, I dug through a big box of Heroclix that I keep around for spare parts and pulled out anything with a came to see if any of them would fit Old Stoney Face.

I found this Clayface and the cape looked like a good fit, the poses even nearly matched. (One of my Judges form my GoMC-1 days also included. I like a layer of grime on my judges, they need to look like they've actually been on patrol, chased perps, wrestled them to the floor, etc, multiple times.)

So I cut up Clayface and got the cape. I roughed out a Luna badge and, viola:

And an action shot.

I tried freehanding the eagle as well as the Luna 1 badge symbol on the back of the cape, but I butchered it and had to paint over. I can't freehand very well, nor can I cut with tiny tiny details out of card very well, but I think the cape painting and badge came out fine, especially for the tabletop.