New for Dredd - Blood on the Streets, Judda and Kleggs!


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With Blood on the Streets, you will now have a new way to fight in Mega-City One, the Cursed Earth and beyond, with a new range of scenarios tailored specifically to each force. These allow you to play games that reflect the comics and the activities your force will typically be getting up to.

Blood on the Streets also includes rules for all the latest releases in the Judge Dredd miniatures range, including Max Normal, Grampus, Shamed Judges, and full force lists for the Judda, Klegg Invasion Forces, Mechanismo Strike Forces and the ABC Warriors. If that were not enough, there are new Talents, allowing you to further specialise your Heroes, Judges and psychics with truly awesome feats of skill and ability.

During the aftermath of the Atomic Wars, Mega-City One was close to becoming ungovernable in the wake of the destruction and growing civil unrest. Judd saw his chance to take his work to its logical conclusion – if Judges were being cloned, then why not the citizens too? An entire populace could be created that was servile, obedient and docile. It was Father of Justice, Judge Fargo who caused the idea to be rejected, citing it was the duty of the Judges to serve the citizens, not the other way round. Judd attempted to assassinate Fargo but failed, and he and his followers were scheduled for execution. However, they managed to escape and fled Mega-City One with valuable genetic material.

Kleggs are most famous in Mega-City One for their use by Chief Judge Cal in suppressing the rebellious population through sheer terror. However, Kleggs are well known throughout the galaxy for being particularly vicious mercenaries. Willing to fight for anyone, they demand nothing more than fresh meat from their employers who will usually supply this from the enemies the Kleggs are crushing.
Already bought the PDF - love the idea of force-themed scenarios as the standard rules, being based on earlier criminal gang rules, are heavily themed just for criminal gangs.