Judge Dredd - Cross Overs (Hellboy?)


I've been thinking a lot recently about the cross over comics with Judge Dredd, and how to tie some of those into a gaming session (or campaign) without them either being too powerful, or too weak. We have seen Batman, Aliens, Predator and some people have mentioned setting up adventures around these characters, but I'm sure there are many more waiting to be used.

I know the Kiln Publishing is working on some pdfs that will include d20 rules for certain OGL Horror characters including a bunch from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which might be interesting to use...

My latest thought though, is of Hellboy. I don't know much about the character beyond the film (which is excellent btw) but it seems to me that the conflict between him and Judge Dredd would be a very interesting thing to see. Dredd usually gets Psi-Div (usually Anderson) to deal with the paranormal that cannot be physically dealt with, but when it comes to physically dealing with mutants and monsters, Dredd and Hellboy deal with things in a similar way.

Does anyone know if there are d20 stats for Hellboy somewhere, or is anyone working on any other cross-overs that might be interesting?

Don't forget the crossover with Lobo “Psycho-Bikers vs. the Mutants from Hell”. It wasn’t bad, and it may give you ideas on how to cross Dredd over with a non-standard ‘lawperson’ (well is a bounty hunter and could be seen to have some legal status).

On a related note I think it would be great to get stats for Batman, Lobo and the Predators for use with Judge Dredd. Someone on the boards mentioned a while ago that they had mad the Predator and Batman stats, I just can’t remember who (but I think it was someone who worked on the Black Atlantic sourcebook).

Other stats like Hellboy and Johnny Alpha would rock as well.
It was me who stated that I had created stats for both Batman and the Predator for use with the Dredd rpg (and I wrote Atlantis toboot).

Crossovers are a great thing and I would love to see Dredd meet up with the X-Men (mutants of course), or perhaps other comic characters such as Fathom or Darkness. I have already had Spawn make an appearence in one of my adventures so why not.

If the demand is high enough I will type up my Batman/Predator and post them.

Predator is high on my list for cross-overs to try... and if you have time to type up the stats, I for one would really appreciate it.

The main reason I am thinking of trying to do a cross-over is because my players are still not that familiar with the Dredd world (though getting better every session) and so I wanted to introduce something they were more familiar with. Of course, it'll be fun to see the players struggle to seperate player knowledge from character knowledge.

If a cross-over adventure was written for S&P or just the fans, I think it would be important to make it something that hasn't been done before, but is popular enough to interest new players. Something like making the Shadows from Babylon 5 attack Mega-City One or Jar Jar Binks turns up and causes all sorts of mayhem before either being locked up or killed by the judges... now that would be satisfaction in a game.

I would also really appreciate it if you posted the stats for Batman and Predator. I love to see how characters stack up against each other.
Thanks THM, I'd love to see that cross-over when you get it completed. Keep us posted.

Artking3 - I think it's hard to create famous characters as they really would be. After all, if you introduce Batman in your Judge Dredd game, you want it to be close, but Judge Dredd should win. However, if you were playing a Batman rpg, and you introduced Judge Dredd... Batman would need to be slightly ahead.

I'm not sure if that needs to be reflected in the stats or if that is something that occurs through the GM's skill at handling the situation though. Your thoughts?

Also, are their any other cross-overs anyone is interested in seeing?

They don't have to be in conflict for the whole adventure. In the TPB, Batman got the better of Dredd for a while before being overwhelmed by the other Judges. Then they joined forces.

They both beat the predator(s), although at great loss of life.

I just like stats, I guess. Even if they don't actually fight each other. Stats are a big help when I need to create iconic characters using other systems.
I would love to see peoples cross over stats!

I was thinking of trying to stat up lobo from the above mentioned ‘Psycho-Bikers vs. the Mutants from Hell’, the name is just to cool. Johnny Alpha would also be very good to have, as would Rogue Trooper (both have had crossovers) Maybe we should put a list together? So far we have:

Johnny Alpha
Rogue Trooper

Marc – Did you use the citizen class for Batman, or a class of your own devising? Oh and also good work on Black Atlantic, it was a great read.
How about an invasion from Necromungas? Chronicles of Riddick meets Judge Dredd. That could be a very strange fight. I wonder if a judges uniform has protection against teacups...

personally, i would dearly love to see stats for rogue trooper, johnny alpha, durham red, batman & predator.

just out of curiosity, does anyone here run or play in any Dredd games with interesting crossover or original content?

i play in a dredd game that involves hondo city a lot, and the hondo city justice department regularly guest stars.
Hi Doc,

I would love to hold a game in Hondo-City and a guide to that city has always been hi on my list, along with minis to go with it. Unfortunately, since I don't have enough info, I have had to leave that alone for now.

I also haven't actually done a cross-over yet, but I am fiddling with a few ideas to see if they will work.

Wow, i'd really love to read a guide to Hondo City. I really love it, it's just so appealing, the mix of deadly futuristic Yakuza, crazy youth pop culture, and samurai like judges!

what kind of crossover ideas have you been fiddling with?
I agree... and then you could steal ideas from Kill Bill to add to your campaign. Wouldn't it be great to pit the judges against O-Ren Ishii?

I haven't put anything specific together but since I am now based in the US, and all my players are American, I want to use British characters and heros. My players will not catch on straight away, and maybe not at all, but it'll give me a wealth of information to play with. I can't think of specific characters I have looked at right now though.

Actually, there was a Dredd strip I remember reading where a guy travelled from the past in a H.G. Wells style time machine, which arrived in Mega-City One and was instantly crushed. The guy survived and when questioned by judges, they took him away for interrogation as they didn't believe his stories. It was a cool story, and they kind of thing I'd like to slip in as a sideline during the campaign.

that Time Machine is a nice hook alright.

speaking of kill bill, we recently had an undercover hondo city judge (posing as a yakuza for almost 2 years of game time, and i don't know how many gaming sessions) go to face a yakuza boss in okinawa, and have to fight many many many (1st level) yakuza swordsmen to get to the top of the building, floor by floor.

it was so much fun, it was one of those games where everybody describes really explicitly what characters are doing in action sequences. shameless Kill Bill theft, but fantastic fun and very dramatic!

Speaking of Kill Bill, that's one of the things i love about the judge dredd megaverse, you can slip in really seemingly off the wall elements and they tend to slot in without any fuss or bother. it's an incredibly versatile gameworld, i think because the comic has so long been a melting pot of great action, different influences and keen irony.
Two crossovers that I considered for my Dredd campaign were: Doctor Who (Tom Baker) and The Authority.
For the former, the good Doctor had arrived in the Big Meg in time to point the judges towards an Auton plot. The Authority, represented by Apollo and the Midnighter, had come to the city looking for Jack Hawksmoor. He, in turn, had gone completely mental as soon as he linked with the city and experienced the catalogue of suffering it had endured.
I think both have plenty of potential, but with my campaign currently on the backburner, I have yet to find out just how they would have played.
hey, sorry to hear your campaign's on the back burner, i think an authority crossover could have been very cool indeed. i think jack hawskmoor is one of the coolest comic characters of the last few years.

i think it's a scary thought exactly what would happen to jack hawksmoor when he plugged into MC1?

he'd also be incredibly powerful i should think, going by the loose scale of how his powers work...
You're absolutely right, Hawksmoor would be a formidable foe, but in my plot conception he's gone completely mental and is not using his powers to their full potential.
Instead, he's gone into fire-fighter mode, moving from one disaster and potential threat to another, and dealing with them with extreme prejudice.
In addition, sparks are bound to fly when Apollo and the Midnighter arrive in the Big Meg looking for their wayward leader, and throwing their weight about in trademark Authority fashion.
On a different tack, how's this for a crossover: Dredd passes through a portal while pursuing a perp and finds himself in Ankh-Morpork. Can you imagine how he would react when he is forced to cooperate with a pre-Carrot Watch in order to capture his fugitive?
Food for thought, provided you don't buy it from CMOT Dibbler!
Wow, now there is a thought...
Dredd Vs Detritus?
tough one to call...

nice concept for the jack hawksmoor story. i really love apollo and midnighter, i think they're a great duo, and i really respect the fact that their sexuality is just another facet of them, rather than the focus.

it was mentioned earlier in this thread a couple of times how cool it would be to have a judges/predator crossover, and i personally would love something like that.

have you ever read a comic called Madman, by Mike Allred?
i love his work, he's fantastic, but i really think a Madman In MC1 comic would be tremendous fun.
Madman is a sort of beat generation superhero, caught forever in early sixties timeframe, fighting villains like radioactively mutated beatniks and that kind of thing.

ps, i can imagine Dredd sentencing Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler to 30 years in the cubes after eating one of his pies...
I guess I'm not really into comics, other than a few. I don't know half of the characters mentioned here :)

However, it sounded like Redlaco thought it would be cool for Dredd vs. Predator in a comic, not an rpg setting...

It's a pretty good story and well worth the cover price.