Judge Dredd - Cross Overs (Hellboy?)


No, I have not read Madman, though I seem to remember a strip with a similar title in the old Warrior anthology.
I agree that every time Dibbler sells one of his dubious meat products he would be liable for arrest; attempted murder at the very least.
As to the Dredd/Predator plotline, didn't they already do that (in a roundabout way) with the original Raptaur storyline?
I also think that a Predator would not enjoy the same advantages as normal if loose in th Big Meg because Justice Department technology is more advanced and invasive than that in a contemporary setting, such as the first two Predator films.
The Predator is a cool character, but in order to stand a chance I think the conflict would have to occur somewhere remote, such as the Cursed Earth.
Speaking of which: another possible DC crossover would be Poison Ivy. Can you imagine her reaction when she discovers the enviromental havoc wreaked by men in Dredd's time. (The same would be true, of course, for Swamp Thing, too).


Man, imagine swamp thing out in the cursed earth!
poor guy. d'you think he'd turn into some kind of toxic avenger?

i agree about the predator i think, maybe a setting where the characters don't have their infra red helmet visors etc. i think it would be nice to have a predator game set in an abandoned city block, with judge characters starting off with no equipment, eg they had been captured and placed there for the hunt.


It occurs to me that another factor against a Predator functioning effectively in the Big Meg, particularly against seasoned judges, is one of fear.
The ability to unnerve opponents appears to form a significant proportion of a Predator's arsenal when stalking sentient prey. I would think this element of the aliens' game would be rendered null and void against a seasoned street judge, let alone a man of Dredd's experience and abilities.
There is no reason, however, that you could not have a little fun with a one-off scenario involving a group of gung-ho Citi-def numbskulls who stray into a Predator's sights.
On the theme of movie tie-ins: in my own campaign I set my barely-graduated judges against alien/gila munja hybrids; the combination of acid blood, deadly poison and a chameleon-like ability proved to be a bit of an obstacle!


I also like the time machine idea, and it reminded me of one particular Dredd adventure I ran back in the late 80's which was a direct rip from 'The Stainless Steel Rat Saves The World' (I love to use plot ideas from books and films) where my team of Judges ended up chasing the main perp through time to modern day Manchester (where we all live) - by modern day, I mean 'real time, right here right now') - so, whatever the team of Judges were doing was happening right as we played, if that makes sense.

We all found this to be great fun, and were using an A-Z map of Manchester to plot where the players were. Then, for fun, Alan (one of the team) decided it would be fun to ride down the street and past the house where we were all playing... as the team in the game were going past the house we were playing in, not one of of us could resist looking out of the window just in case a team of Judges were riding past... we were almost surprised when no Mega City Judges rode past the window :)


hey Numanti, that's really cool. my group(s) have often thought of that kind of thing but we've never actually gone through with it.

i really like the idea of judges wandering through dublin in the present day, maybe they'd arrest or execute the really obnoxious children that sing molly malone on grafton street. (sounds like something from an emerald isle comic, but i'm afraid it's real)

again saint, i totally agree with you, it would be awesome to have a group of citi-def fighting the predator.

anybody here seen the big lebowski? i'd like to play a citi-def officer based on walter sochek from the big L.

actually, i don't know if anybody here is from ireland or britain, but if anybody's seen spaced you'll understand what i mean when i say i play a rogue trooper character (genetic infantryman) in brit cit in one of our games, and his life is based on the feeling of the sitcom mentioned above, Spaced. he's kind of a hybrid of tim and mike.

if you don't know spaced i'm afraid nothing of that makes sense, and i've wasted your time making you read it...

ps... you know the martial artist and master martial artist prestige classes in mega city one's most wanted?
in one of our 2000AD games we use those a lot and have very kung fu adventure type games, it's absolutely brilliant fun.


Numanti, that's a great idea. While I had thought about the time travel aspect, I hadn't followed through on it thoroughly. Having the judges pop out in Chicago would be really cool...

As for Judge Dredd vs. Predator... I know at face value it seems like the Predator woudn't stand a chance, but you are underestimating his skill and the fact that Predators live for the hunt. The graphic novel is a great story and shows that, if it wasn't for Dredd, the judges may well not have been able to cope.



Time travel stories are always fun, especially if they're set against a familiar background.
One thing that puzzles me, however, is why Dredd and co are empowered to act in these situations.
We know Old Stoney Face is a real stickler for the rules; the best example that springs to mind is when he returns from his tenure from the moon and refuses to act on crimes until he has been officially reinstated as a Mega City judge.
If we take that to its logical conclusion, Judges are not authorised to operate in modern day Manchester/Dublin/Chicago, so wouldn't they be acting illegally?
With regard to Dredd/Predator and the graphic novel: of course he saves the day - he's the hero!
I still think that the judges would prevail. For all their stealth, could a Predator avoid detection by a Psi Judge?
I agree that they live for the hunt and stalking seasoned judges through the streets of the Big Meg would certainly be a challenge.


You have touched upon one of the many confusing inconsistencies of the Dredd world. When he returns from Luna-1 he acts strictly by the book, but there have been many times when he has been abroad and has been warned that he has no juristiction, even when pursuing a perp from Mega-City One. I don't know what he would do in a modern setting.

However, other judges would not be such sticklers for the rules and if they were pursuing a perp, they could try to avoid detection by the police force and catch there perp.

With Predator, once again, I say read the GN. You will understand what I mean if you do so. The helmets and Psi do not guarantee success, especially when dealing with something which hasn't only spent 15 years training, but it's entire life. Before I read the comic, I would have agreed with you, but now I think a little differently. A predator, if used correctly, could wipe out a party of players.



You're right - there's little doubt that a Predator would wipe out a party of PCs, but then they don't have the advantage of a writer trying to keep them alive in order to maintain a lucrative franchise.
I'll conceed that it's been a while since I read the appropriate GN, but I stand by my assertion that Predator vs Justice Department is not a fair bout. Let's face it, if Danny Glover can prevail against one can the really be that tough?
Incidentally, the 'guest' was me - forgot to log in -doh!


Well, if we go by the movies alone, and not the whole idea behind it... and then compare the two movies... Stallone wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes :)

I only care from a graphic novel perspective (which has been done very well) and a roleplaying perspective (where the players would be hard pushed to win). Beyond that, unless we actually go to the a future where these exist, it's impossible to say.



Still with crossovers, I've seen mention of a Slaine crossover and I was curious - with the wealth of OGL/D20 titles about - if anyone was considering adding a little outside mythology to their campaigns?
An idea that I've been toying with for a while is Dreddlands.
The arrival of the Reckoners could be a fairly recent event so there would be no need to alter the accepted canon; just add another, insidious threat into the mix.
I believe that the Reckoners would have a field day with all the feelings of frustration, resentment and anger simmering away in the Big Meg and beyond.
It would certainly keep psi judges in work!


I have had great success with my Judge Dredd crossovers.

I've run my Judge Dredd vs Aliens scenario (I posted the miniatures from it here before) three times now (different groups, mind you) and it was a blast each time!

For my next installment, I need to up the ante, so I am going with Judge Dredd vs Aliens vs Predator!


Here's what I have worked out so far:

In the Prelude, the players play Sov-Blok Citi-Def soldiers. They are trying to evacuate a Sov complex overrun with Aliens. They have good (for Sovs) equipment and weapons and the Aliens don't do well.

But something invisible keeps picking them off, skinning them, etc...

In the end, all the Sov Citi-Def are dead. A terrfied Sov Judge escapes.

Cut to Mega City One, where the players have been rounded up either because they survived the last encounter with Aliens (my last game) or becuae they are "experts" in the field. (Med Judges who study Xenobiology, for example).

Out walks the terrified Sov Judge, he is begging Mega City One for help!

The Sovs built an illegal colony on the Moon. They called it East Meg Three and it barely got built before it got infested with Aliens. The Sovs lack the resources to clean out the complex, small as it is, but the Aliens pose a threat to all the cities of Earth. (they say)

Anyway, the PCs (and the Sov Judge) travel to East Meg Three and fight a bunch of Aliens. They know what to expect and do well.

But then they find the signs of Predators in the complex: trophie collections, skinned bodies, etc...

They discover a lab that makes it clear that the Sovs were working on cloning and breeding Aliens to use as shock troops in another invasion of Mega City One.

Filling a large complex with Aliens is a great attraction to Predators who love to hunt them. ;)

In the end, the Predators prove that they don't mind hunting Judges either.

I know I need a big finale, and possibly, an even more horrible Sov secret. Suggestions?


Um, there already is an East Meg Two :)

Aside from that... wish I was in on that :(


Oops! I meant East Meg Three. :oops:

OK, I fixed it.

Play in my game? Be my guest. :p
Get it? Guest? Grud, I kill me.



Sounds great so far. It does seem to need confusion and mayhem as the judges attempt to figure out why strange things are happening. Perhaps have them go as a larger squad and have the npc judges slowly disappear without a sound... perhaps the players feel something against their leg and look down to see a judge helmet rolling there, covered in blood.

There also needs to be a big bang at the end. Something to really impact the game. Perhaps, as the judges encouter the toughest (champion?) predator, he laughs and vanishes... but on the floor where he was standing is a large thermo-nuclear device with a clock... and it's ticking down. Then have the judges scramble to escape on their ship in time before the moon detonates.

That would have huge implications in the long run, but would be fun.



Actually, part of my big finale came to me yesterday.

The Predator ship will have a lone Predator guarding it.

That is unusual, but he has a very important cargo. The Preds are transporting an Alien Queen (and eggs) to Eartrh! The Moon is just a "pit stop" for some quick hunting before the Main Event on Earth.

They plan on seeding Earth with Aliens to hunt later.

The PC Judges have to stop them, and stop them in time. The question is: how?

It could mean storming the ship, stopping it from taking off, a battle in space once it has, a boarding action....

I figure I'll get stats ready for as much as I can and the poor players will just have to figure it out for themselves. :lol:

Thanks for the feedback, everyone.


One that might be cool IMHO, would be using the Transmetropolitan setting. Judges in the "City" would have to deal with a different kind of crime, What if an MC one criminal dimension jumped into the Transmet Universe, and set up as a high ranking official in the Calahan campaign. The Judges couldn't just walk in and start blasting, but would need to learn a bit about subterfuge, from a high level media type, a hard man of words. (Also A great time to bring in a guest player)

of course the Dredd/Lobo Idea is simply classic.

Judges hunting a criminal on B5 might also be unique (imagine a stookie dealeroffering the Narn/Centauri a line to a powerful Anti Agapic ala the Deathwalker episode.
I was thinking more about going the other way. Judge Dredd crossovers are the x-overed character going to MC1.

I was planning more about sending Dredd to another dimension. I mean, the RPG uses D&D as a base (and, not to sound like I'm doing something illegal, I'm using JDRPG feats on my D20M campaign), so I think it would be a pinch to have Dredd appear in, say, 2002 NYC and have the PCs deal with the 'wacky lawman from the future'.