Jeremiah: Attribute Allocation


try as i might, i have yet to find a reference to exactly how to allocate starting attributes for characters. I understand the neccesary vagueness involved when the product isn't "d20 branded", but for a new player who's maybe just a Jeremiah fan and not a d20 player and doesn't have the PHB, this presents a problem. (and with a license like Jeremiah, i suspect there may be a few of these type of players)

For my group, i am proposing that all Attributes begin at 10, then the player rolls 2d10 and may allocate those points as they see fit.

Any other ideas? Again, i'm working from the notion that no other system is mentioned in the core rulebook, and (gasp! hard to imagine) the Player doesn't have access to the 3.5 PHB, and hasn't played that other game.


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Since Jeremiah isn't D20, it should include how to generate attributes.

There is always the tried and tested method of rolling 4d6 and dropping the lowest die, then assigning to attributes as you see fit.
It is true Jeremiah isnt D20, but it "IS" OGL and the assigning/rolling attributes sections are not part of the normal D20 or D20 Modern SRD's that the various OGL's games publishers put out get access too. Not including that information is one of the gimmicks WotC use to ensure people still buy either the Players Handbook or the D20 Modern Rulebook.

As such its not really Mongooses fault that info isn't there as that info isn't permissable to be included.

But to be helpful for the purposes of rolling statistics there are numerous methods used.

Roll 3d6 six times and assign them to your attributes

Roll 4d6 six times and ignore the lowest dice (i.e 4, 5, 3, 1 would give a stat of 12)

Roll 3d6 nine times ans assign the best six score to your statistics.

There is also the point buy method.. essentially all statistics start at 8 and then you use a fixed amount of points to increase them at varying costs based on what you want the final score to be.

Abil score Point Cost
9 - 1
10 - 2
11 - 3
12 - 4
13 - 5
14 - 6
15 - 8
16 - 10
17 - 13
18 - 16

Typically a character has 25, 28, 30 or 32 points to spend based on the power level of the campaign you want.
righto...except for the fact that OGL Wild West, for example, clearly states the methods, while Jeremiah does not.

I'm simply playing Devil's Advocate; I've been playing rpgs since 1978, so it's not as if I don't understand the process. I'm simply anticipating the potential for entery-level gamers who might pick up the Jeremiah game and have no prior experience with D&D encountering some confusion with regards to generating Attributes for starting Characters.

regardless, thanks for the mention.

I have been using the point system ever since the Wheel of Time RPG came out. I plan on giving the players 30pts to spend on their attributes. Most common npcs will have 24-25 points while special npcs and the heroic characters will have 30.