Its all the rage...

Sure, it swings both ways; it's only from my own experience that I confess losing a PC I have built and formed with a lot of emotion is far more sad than losing a detailed and elaborated NPC as GM. But if it is O.K. for you and your players, it is O.K. - my players won't be too happy about it.

Fortunately CONAN has the Fate Point thing :wink:
Crits are going to cause Massive Damage to occur at a high rate than normal, that''s my only argument. I'm no good at math, but I'm sure you increase the odds of insta-kill blows considerably but affecting auto-activating crits.

I'd suggest a MD threshoild that's more fluid. Try that. Something other than a static 20. Say it's CON. Say it's FORT save plus CON bonus. Just remember, if you can do it to them, they can do it to you...and if the GM isn't, they should.

Did that make sense? (lol)
You have called me a "litle boy" and mentioned my "balls" twice, my "stones" once and I have yet to insult you in any way. Not only have you insulted me, but you've backed into the safe banality of sexism. Nice.

I'm in Houston, Texas. Look me up.

As far as "settleing differences" goes, I think you've put a lot of hard work into some fairly good stuff, but it doesn't suit my style of gaming nor do I truly like some of it. If you feel that warrants berating and insulting me to feel better about the time you ...ahem...spent doing it, knock yourself out.

I do believe that I'm ..."man enough" take it.

With a smile, no less.

Whoa... come on you two.

Raven: I think maybe you're just harping on Sutek's "net demeanor." I admit, in my first interactions with him, I found him a bit abrasive. But he seems to be a good guy -- I think he was genuinely joking, and didn't mean to insult you or your efforts.

There really wasn't any need to rip into him, either. That was a bit extreme, don'tcha think?

Sutek: Obviously Raven thinks that you're just masking an insult with the facade of 'kidding!' -- which a lot of people do over the internet, so I'm sure you can understand. From Raven's perspective, I can see how your comment may have looked like it was -intended- to be insulting or demeaning.

How about you both just apologize for the misunderstanding and let it go?
Okay. I'm sorry that she feels insulted. (lol)

Seriously man, I think she just needs a thicker skin about her work. I can be far too blunt at times, but this wasn't one of them. The "lol" is a ubiquitous netiquette symbol denoting the concept "what I just said was a joke - laugh about it". I'm sorry she took it more personally than intended.

I'd have loved to just drop it, but her insistance on bringing my "balls" into it is just downright offensive. Doubly ironic as it occured in a post where she claims I'm "hiding behind the internet".


I'm done. I PMed her too. If she doesn't get it that it was sarcasm, humor, joking around...well there's nothing that I can say that will change her opinion.

Thanks for trying to mediate though. 8)
I just hate to see two good people fight about something so silly.

But for the record, I have seen the "lol" used in a way that's clearly wasn't mean as "laugh, it's a joke" but as in "I'm laughing at you, I don't like you."

It's a fine line we all walk, because tone and inflection are so totally absent here. But suffice to say, Raven wasn't totally off her rocker to think that you might be demeaning her.

It's just a case of misinterpreted intentions. Happens all the time on the internet. This isn't the first, and certainly won't be the last. But hopefully no one will harbour any ill-will over it.
Raven Blackwell said:
Sutek said:
It means the comment was a joke.
lol = laugh out loud

Maybe in your usual crowds, you can paint a smiley on a insult and try to back away saying "it's all good", but that doesn't work with me- or anyone else with a measure of self-respect. You want to insult someone, at least have the stones to admit it- don't cringe away.

And may I remind you that you were the one who first posted a personal comment regarding me on this public forum. You don't like flames, don't play with matches little boy. Switch over to pm, drop this thread or better yet, apologize and I'll do the same. Otherwise- f*** off. I hate people who cop an attitude safely ensconced behind an net name and geographic distance 'cause they lack the balls to do it in person. Here's a thought- to prove I am not such a person and to give you the opportunity to do so as well, how about this? I am planning on attending a few gaming conventions next year.Why don't you pick a decent one near wherever you live? I'll meet you there, we can go someplace private and settle our differences. That way, when you wuss out and never show up, I'll at least have something else entertaining to do. If you have the balls to show, I'll even call an ambulance for what's left. I'll even leave enough to operate a wheelchair- probably.

And this isn't me angry- a few people on this board have seen me lose control and this isn't even close.

Raven, this is totally uncalled for. Personal insults, obscenities and threats of physical violence are inappropriate in a forum where, I would like to think, all of the members are frendly and civil to each other. Your response to this situation has been far out of proportion to whatever slight, real or percieved, you feel started this. You need to calm down and keep things in perspective.

To my knowledge, nobody has attempted to stop you from posting your variant houserules (or decry your right to do so) and I very seriously doubt anyone intends to. Your own thread on the topic has swelled to a very respectable size and usually remains on the front page. You are hardly being gagged. However, I must admit that it seems to me that as of late in any thread where there is any discussion of magic at all you quickly show up to pimp your own thread and/or hijack the thread into a discussion of your houserules. Nobody minds that you offer your input but it can be annoying when a person continually diverts the conversation to talk about themselves. Respectfully, I suggest that people on this board may occasionally want to have a conversation about sorcery without also discussing your houserules. If I may be so bold as to put words into another person's mouth, I believe that that is what Sutek meant by his earlier comment. Frankly, I feel that way as well.

If I may make a suggestion, and I offer this in all seriousness , why don't you simply put a link to your own thread in your .sig and be done with it?

But regardless, there is still no reason for a post like the one I quoted.

And that is all I have to say on the matter.
Essentially, that is what I was saying, so I'll hold those words in my mouth for a few ceconds, swish them around a bit, and spit them in the sink (lol).

My point, because I was joking around with you Raven was that you do tend to pop up everywhere if there's a topic of discussion on magic, you consistantly offer ideas of your own but only pertaining to your revamped system and, lastly, you rarely comment on the actual question as a result. I don't care if you post repeats all over this board of your latest and greatest spell/feat/whatever ascociated with your magic stuff you've created*. My only beef, if there even is one, with you is that you ought to at least comment first on the thread and then, after such an obligitory aknowledgement of the topic at hand, toss in your hoe-brewed concepts.

*BTW, I highly reccomend her Feats. There's some really cool stuff in that regard. I don't like the base system and most of the spells seem overpowered to me or out of genre, but the Feats are definitely useful, cool, appropriate and well thought out.
Raven, you really shouldn't take everything so seriously. I think that nobody will take seriously a person who threats peoples with physical violence (and/or black magick) every time somebody disagrees or makes a joke with her.
Hey folks, Raven and I have talked off list via PM and we're cool, so let's let it go now. Okay?

Raven Blackwell said:
Hmm..anyway things are better now. Y'know if you thought I was referencing my own system too much, you could have just told me straight out- what I was doing was not intended to self-promotion. I spent too much damn time among scientific people as a child. I reference everything in my non-fiction. Right down to foot notes. If that doesn't work out, just do me the favour of not calling a 'deviant' system, okay?

Anyway can we get a Moderator to delete the last few dozen posts or so- I really feel embarrassed by this.

Also the sexist comments were not actually intended. It is just most slang for courage centers around men. Has anyone ever be accused of not having the breasts for the job?


Embarrassment is part of life. Deal with it. :wink:

Besides, I did say someting to you "straight out" and it got you all riled up - that's what started this whole mess. :roll:

I do not have the breast for the exotic dancer and/or bra model. (lol)

Also, your system is "deviant" because it deviates from the norm. Devient is not a bad thing, like änd organism being less evolved than another - cockroaches will be here a long time after our species is gone and they haven't evolved in milennia.

And finally, what the heck do you mean "the sexist comments were not actually intended". That's crap - what...were you dictating? Take responsibility for it, appologise and move on. Sheesh... :shock:
That was my apology- and I thought we were doing this in private. I elimated my non-topic relevant comments as best I could to prevtn other from having to see it. You want to do the same?

I wasn't embarrassed by them so I don't feel the need to delete anything, just chill out from now on, okay?