Hey guys,I see from the contents listing that there is a section on Hyborian religionin the main rulebook.
I am currently preparing an adventure called The Veil of Ashtoreth but the suitability for future posting will depend on certain things.
The Cult of Ishtar/Ashtoreth
Is there a laid down history for the origins of this cult in any of the books?
My adventure is dependant on the possibility that Ishtar might once have walked abroad in mortal guise.Is this possible?
Are there both priests and priestesses in the cult?
I am also assuming that as a Goddess connected with fertility that these priests/priestesses are not bound by any vows of celibacy.Is this the case?
Do the two names above actually refer to the same deity or to different aspects of that deity?
Ashtoreth is Ishtar's handmaiden, although she is identified with Ishtar in some portions of Shem.

I doubt a priest or priestess of either goddess would involve any sort of celibacy vow.

There is no history for the cult in any of Howard's stories. I have no idea if the Tor pastiches touches on this or not.

As for Ishtar actually walking about? Unlikely, although I am sure the Shemites have such myths.
In the real world the cult of Ishtar founded the first known banks in order to deal with the wealth acquired though their temple rites (including prostitution, although not as we think of it). You make the call as to whether or not they were celibate.

The desexualization of western religion does not start until around the 5th century AD, and doesn't really pick up steam on a local/regional level until the 16th century. But that's a whole different topic.


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