Is Mongoose Still Supporting Gangs?


My guess is NO. There has been little to no support in S@P for ages and any time anyone asks they (Mongoose) say to wait for the new game based on SST. Well, I for one don't want a new game, I like the old one just fine. So, I have one question: Will we (Gangs players) be seeing ANY NEW support for Gangs Of Mega-City 1? Compiled rule book, new figurines, new scenarios, just about anything with a little substance would be good. (Battle Reports and scenery demos don't count due to low substance, in my mind at least.) It would be nice to get some statement from someone who knows somthing about somthing... :?
I think in just signs and prtents, and they may be doing a block war game in the fuure.

*Crosses his finger*.

Here's hoping. It will probably coincide with the new movies when they come out.
So..."NO" then? No official statement? No plans for any compiled rulebook? More S@P, when it gets sent in? Is that the scene? Its sad to see as this is a great game. :?
JoseDominguez said:
don't worry, the battle game will get released, then more people will discover Dredd, then GOMC 1 will take off again :)
Have faith.

I'm on the 'verge' of Corrupting my group with GOMC1 now, so I hope so!
No ACTUAL word from someone at Mongoose who would know? All I want to know is: Will this game (Gangs) be seeing any more support? It either will or won't, an answer would be great as asking the same question over and over isn't really my bag...although, it's starting to be...come on Mongoose, I'm trying to support you... :? :(
Try emailing someone who works at mongose, or pming them, like msprange or Old bear. Worth a shot.
There are rumours of something larger in the works using the same minis (which would in turn mean more new minis and almost certainly S&P articles on how to use them in GoMC1). I'm guessing it'll be a while before we hear though with all the other new stuff coming out (RQ minis, Age of Conan, War Without End)
I think I remember seeing something about a proposed JD movie and that is one of the things that Mongoose is waiting on. I think that I also saw somewhere that they are looking at re-releasing/spinning off from Gangs focusing on larger battles so that you could recreate a Block War. I cant remember where I read this though.
They have been propsed for a long time though, so I cant really see it happening, its been about 5 or 6 years since it was announced.
Rob_alderman said:
They have been propsed for a long time though, so I cant really see it happening, its been about 5 or 6 years since it was announced.

The last Gossip on the new Dredd Movie was in April 2004, pre-production had begun on two Dredd films, "Judge Dredd: Dredd Reckoning" and "Judge Dredd: Possession."

"Dredd Reckoning" was to be the first film in the series and would pit Mega-City's top cop against corruption in the Justice Department, and "Possession" would feature Judge Dredd against his arch-nemesis Judge Death.

These films were SUPPOSED to be shot back to back.

Now that the "Judge Dredd" film is being developed by "I Am The Law" Productions (I kid you not), those scripts have been abandoned.

The current plan is NOW to work on one movie at a time.

The is still a Dredd Film(s?) in the pipeline, but no news as to definitely when (look how long it took them to get Ghost Rider out there).