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Does anyone know where i can get information on the city-states of Corinthia? I dont own the RPG book, so is there any information in that? Thanks everyone
Road of Kings is your best bet. Vincent Darlage lent heavily on the pastiches because Howard didn't establish too much about Corinthian geography. But read "Rogues in the House" and the second untitled Conan fragment ("The Hand of Nergal").
Is rogues in the house one of the short stories? Ive been slowly building up my Conan book collection see (The sphere books that have most of the stories in them), so i might have it among them.

Unless its by robert jordan
Yes, it's in Conan (Lancer/Sphere/Ace) and The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian (Wandering Star/Del Rey).
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Thanks for that ill get on it, although it will mean reading conan yet again....

Orkin said:
What's the main clue for Rogues in the House being considered as a Corinthian story?

In a letter Robert E. Howard wrote to P.S. Miller, Howard says, "I am not sure that the adventure chronicled in 'Rogues in the House' occured in Zamora. The presence of opposing faction of politics would seem to indicate otherwise, since Zamora was an absolute despotism where differing political opinions were not tolerated. I am of the opinion that the city was one of the small city-states lying just west of Zamora, and into which Conan had wandered after leaving Zamora."

Although that does not indicate Corinthia by name, L. Sprague de Camp decided that is where it happened at, possibly because of the mention of the god Anu, which is probably Shemitish. It could have happened in Brythunia, which makes Anu an unlikely god, or a nameless city-state between Corinthia and Zamora, of course. However, that is the clue.