As the Infernum game nights grow and expand the people playing, and myself, are modifying the Infernum rules to suit our particular needs and desires. I have typed some of these out and passed them around, but I thought I would publish them on this forum, for the benefit of anyone who might want to make use of them, or have suggestions for improvements themselves.

The groups I am GM'ing for seem to prefer a "more" D&D type campaign, with not set goals per se, so some of the house rules will be designed specifically for that philosophy. Others are a carry-over from much earlier D&D Rules and campaigns. Some of these rules are also come about from rulings that have to be made spur-of-the-moment and now the attempt is being made to put them in writing.

Thanks and toodles

Prerequisites: None
Benefit: A demon may be restored to "0" Hit points, or saved from a sure death effect.
Single use, may be taken any number of times, but is used up when used.

I am sure everyone has seen the WW2 movie were the infantry platoon is pinned down by the evil enemy machine gunners. Suddenly, Joey, the newest guy in the platoon jumps up and charges the enemy machine gun, and promptly gets shot in the chest! He goes down and he must be dead, right?

But next scene, Joey sirs, reaches into his shirt, and pulls out the family bible* and there is a bullet embedded deep in it. He jumps up again and proceeds to wipe out the enemy machine gun nest all by himself! Horray for the good guys!
DEMON'S LUCK is a "get out of death" card for Demon players. It is a feat that can be taken any number of times, but can only be used once, then has expired and is gone.

Demon's Luck can be used in those situations where a Demon has died, or would have died in all probability**. Demon's Luck does not restore a Demon to full Hit Points, he come back from his near death experience with "0" Hit points+, nor is he necessarily out of danger***.

Obviously (I hope) this feat would benefit primarily high level characters, and spare them the agony of losing a character that they had been playing a while. It probably wouldn't be much benefit to a 4th level character, through he could take it if so desiring.

* or his dairy, spectacles, wedding ring, good luck charm, whatever....

** i.e. = a demon trying to cross over a very narrow ledge that critically failed a roll, and would fall 1,000'.

*** For example-A demon that used his Luck after he and his party had been wiped out, might find himself back to life, but minus any weapons and armor (stripped off him by the winners) and possibly deep in enemy territory...

+ Note through, that he would have back any iliaster reserve he had at the start of the fight/incident where he died. Iliaster spent 10 minutes ago would be non-recoverable, but iliaster spent trying to subdue a particularly nasty monster (that won) would be recoverable.
Item * Cost in Crowns Weight
Greater Hellbroth
of Muscle 10 (8 )** 1/2 lb
of Dexterity " "
of Constitution " "
of Intelligence " "
of Wisdom " "
of Charisma " "

The effect of drinking a stat particular Greater Hellbroth is to regain 1 stat point of "permanently lost" stat. Once a character has regained all his "lost" stat points, a Greater Hellbroth will not give any additional increases, however, a Greater Hellbroth can always function as a Lesser Hellbroth.

Greater Hellbroths have a short lifespan, they decay away a couple of hours after their preparation, so they cannot be stored or taken on expeditions. Their effect is not instantaneous, an hour or so after drinking a potion, the chara ter will begin to regain his lost stat, through it could take as long as 4 hrs (25% chance- 1st hour, 50% chance- 2nd hour, 75% chance - 3rd hour, and 100% chance-4th hour)

* For arguements sake, I have decided to use a Greater Hellbroth to recover any and all different Stats, never know what a party might run into....

** number in " (-)'S " represents just the cost in case a party sorcerer is making the potion.

Prerequisites: Ritual Preparation, Sorcery 3 ranks

Components: 4 crowns for Lesser Hellbroths, 8 Crowns for Greater Hellbroths

Cost: 1 Iliaster/Lesser Hellbroth, 2 Ilisater for Greater Hellbroth

Casting Time: 1 hour

Sorcery DC (Int): 10

Failure: Loss of ingredients*

The sorcerer succeeds in making a Greater or Lesser Hellbroth.

* Haven't refined the ingredient list yet,
Mikeydanuke said:

I have not read all the infernum books (I'm reading The Book of Tormentor), but I think that it will be fitting with the setting that you regain your lost stats, but you suffer some momentary problems every time you drink a Hellbroths - maybe the hellbroth that give you back 1 points of ST give you also suffers great pains during the time the muscle rebuild itself (-2 to all skill or some other penalty).

This is hell, no pain, no gain. ^___^

- maybe the hellbroth that give you back 1 points of ST give you also suffers great pains during the time the muscle rebuild itself (-2 to all skill or some other penalty).

Ahh, but I'm not going to allow Greater Hellbroths to be taken along on journey's, to avoid a party loading themselves down with them just inc ase they have a bad interview with denizens of a mine or some other location. I just wanted to provide them a means to recover "lost" Charisma or Constitution hit points. I figure that if they have returned to any sort of city or fortress they can acquire them there.

And of course, after I went through all the work of drawing up a means to recoup Permanently lost HP's, the character I drew them up for died the next outing.

(Insert mad cackle of evil laughter here....)