INFERNUM - interesting demons

Just looking to hear about peoples more interesting combinations of breed, house and mutation. Not in the power-gamer uber combination attack sense, just those that go against type or produced unusual characters.
Me. But I'am still preparing the campaign. It should probably start in autumn or early winter. Do you run an Infernum game?
The same with me. Bringing a very long Shadowrun campaign (since 1996) to an end and preparing for the big Infernum launch. But there is still very much to do (apart from RL nuisances like my Ph.D. thesis) and I have only finished reading the three rulebooks. So no weird character combos yet. Another Infernum GM (see the thread Hell of a Campaign) had a nice Deceiver NPC in his campaign, though - a Wild West geek who called himself Bronco Billay :)
My idea for a nice NPC is a female Sturrach Deceiver (or maybe Succubus) with a strong military attitude who'll pose as an Independent and will make the life of the PCs a hell of a training camp for a while but I still don't know what characters I'll have in my campaign (only loose ideas from the players - one Haimon Fiend and probably one Independent Stalker but there are two other players who haven't expressed their opinions yet).
To get a feel (should that be fell) for the game, been rolling some demons and seeing how they come together.

Some are more interesting than others.

1st level Reithii Imp, concentrated on stealth and generally not being spotted, basic spy.

Mercenary Hulk, ended up quite charismatic, probably destined to become a merc commander when it grows up.

There was a fiend in the stack, but it obviously wasn't that interesting as I can't remember much about it.

Most powerful was a Haiman Succubus, at around 10th level. dressed in soul shaped armour she made herself, carrying a sniper rifle and had the traits to hover in mid air and snipe, making her dangerous in a fight, on top of the massive persuasion/seduction bonuses.
Yes, random generation sometimes produces interesting combinations. Think of a multiheaded Succubus with the Chain of Flies for example :) What hellish pleasures she could be able to deliver ;-)

You are a bit further than me - I haven't thought about the numbers/combinations yet. I have to determine the general plotline for the campaign first and then I'll populate it with NPCs.

Where do you think you'll start your campaign? Having a Haimon PC in my group, the 3rd seems probably to be the right choice for me. The Stalker wants to breed hellhounds and hunt down souls on its own so I think Meremouth or some other less House-bound city on the 3rd could be a nice meeting point for the characters, as the Stalker will probably want to sell its souls somewhere. I mean to run the first few stages of the campaign in the Upper Hells, letting the characters explore the wilderness of the 2nd ant 1st, maybe confronting the young Haimon with Lictat usurpers, endangering the Haimon estates from the 2nd. And yes, Oblurott and Glabretch should play their part in the whole concerto, too...

There is an idea of mine to have the party meet a nice and friendly NPC who they'll trust and who'll actually spy and report on them, trying to undermine the Haimon position. A Church traitor? Possibly... Well, I love this game for those myriads of opportunities :)
For me, it's the chance to get away from the built in stereotypes of the breeds and houses that appeals. Things like creating a Malcubi warrior that is dreaded and fearsome, or a Hulk intriger. When creating these random demons though, I wasn't planning any part of the campaign for them, I just wanted a small stockpile of demons that are fully statted as a reserve. For that situation where the players turn a corner and meet someone you weren't expecting, and suddenly need an NPC.

I'm writing a city for the 5th circle, which I'm hoping to get accepted for Signs and Potents eventually, so that's where I'll start running.

As for how I'd start a group, I'll probably go for a clutch of first level demons who've all crawled out the spawning pits of a particular house at the same time and have grown up together. Means the party would have a degree of cohesion to begin with, before they start back stabbing and betraying each other. Also by limiting the group to a single house, it will force the characters to be a little more creative in their choice of breeds. for example Sturach would normally be dominated by Fiends and hulks, but if the entire group are Sturach, then we might see some more unusual breeds occur.
Well yes, you are right - one can never quite know what the players will do and where there will be a pressing need for an NPC. It always pays to have a small stockpile of these characters, just in case. And the random mutation system lets quite interesting combinations emerge. It's refreshing to meet something else than Sturrach Hulks with Chain of Monstrous Strength and Riethii Malcubi, all sweet smelling and seductive...

As for the campaign - I had been considering the idea of having the PCs be from one House for a while but I decided to let the players choose freely. True, it diminishes the creativity as the players are not pressed to come up with unusual combinations but two of my three players are very experienced and I have little fear for them succumbing to boring stereotypes. The problem of party cohesion is another thing, though. I think, however, that common enemies could do just fine. If the PCs know that somebody powerful is after them, they'll be forced into cooperation. At the beginning stages of the campaign, at least.

That 5th Circle city of yours could be interesting. Good luck with the publication, then. I hope I'll read your article in SP soon. Don't forget to let me know when it will be.
A question: How are you going to handle sorcery? Will you let the PCs to "research" it on their own (i.e. raise their sorcery skill freely), or will you require them to go and find a teacher or at least have access to a library?
Will let you know about the city of Hanging Rock when it's gone in, no idea if it'll get publication or not.

Sorcery: Was going to avoid it completely at first, there's plenty of other areas for players to become familiar with first without going into sorcery. Planning to have low level characters who aren't going to have any access to sorcery to begin with.

As for learning sorcery, I'm inclined to allow sorcery to be developed only with some sort of source material. Might be a teacher, a tomb of lore or whatever, but a demon sitting alone in a cave with no sorcerous reference material is not going to spontaniously develop magical abilities, just piles.